Care & Nurture

“For humankind to pass out of this survival instinct, the Mother laws of care and nurture—given to all—must come into their time of fullness.  This is part of what can create a new age and make way for The New.”  Mirari

Mary of Nazareth counsels “being” as opposed to “doing.” Being welcomes caring and nurturing; it is not a matter of “doing,” for it is a way of life.

We don’t actually cease doing, but doing is enveloped into a higher way of joining with God. He Himself is Being, and when we are being, we are walking in His shadow.

Mary’s way is a way for both men and women, something that a hasty reading of Mirari might miss. We have too long been simply existing in our world, just surviving, often missing out on the joys of life except in fleeting moments.

When we are in simple being, we do car and nurture. Nothing more is needed, because care and nurture are hallmarks of love, which is the highest and the best. We return to God, our separation from Him healed. We invite the joy of life and none of the worries. We are serene.

Ask today for this blessing of care and nurture, through being, to descend upon us. We all need it. We all will touch God when we ask for this blessing, which is surely something in His will.

Living Extraordinary Lives

This is to be a quiet movement at the borderline. A movement that gently normalizes the extraordinary as ordinary, as natural, and as a return of the feminine.  Mirari

Mary here seems to say that we can live extraordinary lives as naturally as the sun rises every day.  A Course of Love says something very similar about “extraordinary” lives, that when ordinary people are seen to be living in an extraordinary way that others will be encouraged to do likewise.

Mary goes farther, though, to say that extraordinary can become the norm.  We are allowing the feminine to rise in importance in our world, and it is the mother/wife/sister/daughter in cooperation with men, too, who will accomplish much in this new world.  It is natural to women to be nurturing, and now we can see that women are going to nourish things that have been out of reach before.

Ask what we—both women and men—can say and do today that will make a lasting difference in our world.  We need meaningful change, reconciliation with our brothers and sisters, loving attitudes to inform all our ways.

Be among the pioneers.  There is room for all.