On self-tolerance and self-acceptance:  “I remember waking up one morning with the thought, ‘A lot of us believe in a world where everything is not a matter of life and death.’  It seemed a thought from the other side, a plea for common sense in decision-making.  Maybe I need to meditate on why I have such a problem with a ‘should.’ 

Am I too irresponsible?  Am I not dependable? Am I innately lazy and try to whip myself into shape by manufacturing imperatives? 

Have I accepted a big challenge in this lifetime and probably take myself too seriously in trying to work it out? 

Do I fear regretting to work as hard as I can? 

Do I just have too strong a superego?” 

Later . . .

“I know now that if I forgive more readily, I will realize the world can forgive me as well when I don’t measure up to some standard of unreachable perfection.”