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Your Dark Dreams Are but the Senseless Isolated Scripts You Write in Sleep. . . .Only Dreams of Pardon Can Be Shared.

1 – Dreams

“Your dark dreams are but the senseless isolated scripts you write in sleep. Look not to separate dreams for meaning. Only dreams of pardon can be shared. They mean the same to both of you. (T-30.VII.6)”

We cannot have smooth sailing in our relationships, even when those relationships have shifted from the special to the holy. Personalities differ, and when we live in close proximity to others, we will pick up on their unhealed natures, the parts of their personalities that the ego still rules. We will suffer accordingly, unless we invite a quick restorative, to forgive the illusion in which we live, to forgive our brother for the pain that he only seems to be causing.

2 – A Perfect Brother

For our brother is perfect in his inner Self, and only when we see him as perfect will we be freed. This can seem a long stretch, when tempers are frayed and love seems far away.

3 – Senseless Scripts

But these dark dreams are merely senseless scripts, A Course in Miracles tells us. We do not have to dwell on such misgivings. Our brother has been given up to heal. We have one purpose in our holy relationship, and that is to love despite appearances. Pray for a miracle, if the way seems hard. The miracle will not be long in coming. It may come in the form of a changed attitude on our part. Our brother may be just as vicious as he may, and it will have no effect on us, for we see that it is a script that we have written; it is our dream (from ACIM).

4 – Forgiveness

“Our common language lets us speak to all our brothers, and to understand with them forgiveness has been given to us all, and thus we can communicate again. (T-30.VII.7)”

Forgiveness, pardon, is fully deserved by every Son or Daughter of God. Because we live in illusion, in a dream, nothing bad as ever, in reality happened to us. Our brothers and sisters may have reacted to us many times out of “distress that rests on error” (from ACIM). This distress is a call for help (also from ACIM), and we are asked to run to their side with the healing for which they are really calling.

5 – Happy Dream

“The happy dream about him [your brother] takes the form of the appearance of his perfect health, his perfect freedom from all forms of lack, and safety from disaster of all kinds. The miracle is proof he is not bound by loss or suffering in any form, because it can so easily be changed. (T-30.VIII.2)”

We can, as Marianne Williamson so often reminds us, ask for a miracle. And life can quickly be turned around. But even if it isn’t, our minds will be at peace. We rest on knowing that, when we have consulted the Holy Spirit about our next step, we have done all that we can. If we realize that our own anger and attack is always unjustified, we will be well on our way to lightening the atmosphere in our personal spaces, and granting our brother or sister the healing that is needed.

6 – Happy Dream

So we do have a “happy dream” about this brother or sister who is disturbing us. We can see his/her perfect health, perfect freedom from all want, safety from disaster. And this will not be a pipe dream (an illusory belief in what may transpire that has no basis in reality).

7 – Relationships

Ask today for a happy dream about all the special and holy relationships in our lives. The dream will not be long in coming.

8 – Read A Course in Miracles

And, in the meantime, read A Course in Miracles. It can become, as it has for me, a “happiness” book.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I live harmoniously with my brothers and sisters, especially my significant others. May all I encounter be led to a greater happiness by our encounter; help me to know what so say and do. Help me to relax as I interact with others. A pent-up mind does not do anyone any good.

Be with me today, to give me a happy day. I ask this so often, but it is always apropos. You want my happiness, and in the happiness, I am moved to make a contribution to Heaven. Guide me to know what that contribution ought to be.

May my significant others be relaxed and at peace today. We have a lot on our plate. Help us to stay on the same page in our discussions.

I love You.


A World So Lovely and Peaceful

“Why did not God create a world benign and unable to harm you?

“Such is the world that God did create:  A world so lovely and so peaceful that when you see it once again you will cry with joy and forget your sadness in an instant.  There will be no long remembering of regrets, no feeling badly for all the years in which you saw this not.  There will merely be a glad ‘Aha!’ as what was long forgotten is returned to you.  You will but smile at the childish games you played, and have no more regrets than you would have for your childhood.  (A Course of Love, 9.46 – 9.47)”

vangogh_sunflowers1888Affirmation:  “a lovely and peaceful world”


1 – Lovely and Peaceful World

This is a passage of the Ideal, but I think not so much ideal as true to what we experience when our attitudes change.  How we view this world is largely a matter of attitude, and Jesus will reform our attitudes.  We will recognize the illusions in which we have been living, we will step into the real world (from A Course in Miracles), and we will know Christ-consciousness.  With these blessings, our way will smooth out, and we will see a world “so lovely and so peaceful.”

2 – Jesus

What would it mean to cry with joy at the world we behold?  It may sound like a pipe dream, but nothing that Jesus promises is a pipe dream, and I take him at his word.  We do start looking at those parts that are joyous, grateful to be acknowledging the beauty of our world.  We turn aside, but not in neglect, from those parts that disturb us, for we do help where we can.  We know that the ugliness is all illusion.  We know that our brothers and sisters did us, and we respond, but not to the ugliness.  We respond to “Christ in all his distressing disguises” (a quotation from Mother Teresa).

3 – Walk a Lovely World Today

Would we not walk in a lovely world today if we knew that we had that option?  Pray to be shown what needs to change in your world for you to be happy.  Then, using your wisdom, your internal guidance, make those changes.  We all know people (and maybe you are one of them) who face tremendous odds, and yet walk through this world with a smile behind the pain.  We must all learn to do this, and in the doing, the pain will fade.  Promise!


Dear Father/Mother,

I would choose peace and harmony in the hope that, with this change, the Christ-consciousness that I really wish to have will come upon me in glimpses.  Thank You.  I know that I have already seen glimpses of this world, and a world seen with forgiving eyes is indeed beautiful.  May I be forgiving, unconditionally, in all respects, for this is a requirement of Yours which I would meet.

May I wait patiently for You to reach down and lift me up.  You know the time that is best.  I choose to be unafraid, knowing that if I am not ready, the light that I see would terrify me.  I would not be terrified today.  Guide me to Your way, the way that Jesus is pointing out in A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.