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Presence of Love

“I know the way home because I have completed the journey, and I will show you the way. With every word that I utter, my one intent is to reveal to you the place within you that is the presence of Love that you seek.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 7, Page 91)

If we believe that Jesus has channeled The Way of Mastery, A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, we know that he has shown us the way home to God. And we believe that he made the journey that is now before us.

Jesus always acts from Love, and it behooves us to do so also. It is sometimes difficult to wrap our minds around “love,” because we have so many connotations to this word in our world. If we let our hearts speak to us, though, we will be in better shape as we contemplate Love. This is a great solution to every difficulty, just letting our hearts tell us what to do, say, even think. Our heart knows the Answers, when we in our mind do not. The primacy of the heart is a focal point in A Course of Love.

Cultivate the presence of Love today by leaning into our heart. Our heart is One, for we are One in God. Jesus’ every intent is to take us home by offering us a taste of the presence of Love.

Accept his offer today.

A Palpable Presence

“You will soon develop an ability to see without your body’s eyes. This, too, will seem like a silly game at first, a trick of your imagination. You will, at first, observe only that which you can “see”— your arms and legs, your shadow falling as you walk—but more and more you will come to see the body as a whole. You will see it from behind as you follow it about its day, without, at first even being aware that this is happening.” (ACOL, C:10.27)

This exercise is a continuation from yesterday’s exercise. We will “follow” our bodies around, seeing that they are not the whole of us. And in so doing, we will come to realize that our Self is simply using this form to have an experience of living. This is what we will later come to see as the “elevated Self of form.”

This exercise is hot a silly game, though it may appear to be. When we use our imaginations to play such games, we are really seeing true reality. And true reality is what we want above all else. It is the way that we come to know God. And our Self. And the way that we learn that these Two are actually one.

Use our imaginations today. See what will transpire in this exercise. We can recognize that nothing bad will come of it, and something exceedingly good may.

Follow Jesus’s advice in this way. He will guide, following us around even as our bodies follow us around. But he is far more real than our bodies. And the love that he feels for us can be felt. A real palpable presence.