Future Is Bright with Promise

“What were the earth and water if they were not form?

“They were barren form. Form unable to create or bear fruit. Form was simply barren form before movement swept across it and animated it with the attention and awareness of spirit—with sound, light, and expression. Could these barren forms not be compared to the forms of the not yet elevated?” (ACOL, D:15.9 – 15.10)

The forms of the not yet elevated have been restricted, in that we have been living a dream; A Course in Miracles makes this clear, and now A Course of Love is expanding the idea. Here Jesus tells us that our form has not been all that they could be. While we HAVE been animated with spirit, we have not known spirit fully. To know spirit fully is to be in unity, in unity, heart and mind, and in unity with the Self, the inner Christ-Self and the larger Self of union.

Jesus’s intentions may seem like a tall order. But he is right here helping us throughout the change that he so fervently longs to see in each of us. He would like all to reach Christ-consciousness, in unity, and to express our love in the ultimate salvation, Christ-consciousness. We can do this, for it is fully within God’s will. We will reach Christ-consciousness when God Himself knows that we are fully ready, and this means that many more nefarious aspects of what we might do will no longer be attractive to us. We will live in love, in love with the Self whom we are, and in love with the Self whom we share with all of our brothers and sisters.

The future is bright with promise. Let us relax in God’s care, holding Jesus’s hand, as we seek to walk afresh in this world. We can have anything that we truly want, for all has been given to us and we will not want things that are beyond our scope. Ask that all needs be satisfied, and the Answer is sure.


I thank You for this good day. I wish for many things, but I know that You will give me only what has my name on it. And ultimately, that means that all things are shared with me. This is the truth of heaven, and heaven can be here, on earth. If we live right, the blessings of Creation and of You are ours always. You just have to be sure that we won’t misuse what You give, freely and without strings attached.

My needs will be satisfied, and many of my wants as well. Perhaps to satisfy all wants would not be good for me. But I ask Your patience in my prayers. Shape my words to be according to Your will, a will that I share fully.


The Way Ahead Is Bright with Promise

“This is why it has long been stated that you are not called to evangelize or convince anyone of the merits of this course of study. This is just a course of study. Those whom you would seek to evangelize or convince are as holy as your Self. This holiness need only be observed. When you think in terms of evangelizing or convincing, you think in terms of future outcome rather than in terms of what already is. This type of thinking will not serve the new or allow you full awareness of the new.” (ACOL, T4:2.19)

There are several strains of meaning in this quotation, all meaningful. We are not called to proselytize. A Course of Love is just one course of study, and there are many others. In fact, there is a unique course for every teacher of God (from A Course in Miracles). Anyone trying to teach from what Jesus has said will apply their own particular interpretation to what he has said. That is why listening to one’s Christ-Self is so important; we don’t want to be misled by another.

Also, in seeking to evangelize, we are looking to future outcomes. And Jesus wants us to live in the present, with what “is.” We will create the new from this vantage point. We can’t reach ahead of ourselves in creating the new by anticipating the new and planning for it. Planning is not something we are to do. We will be told all that we need to do, at the time that we need to do it. Only if we are prompted internally to weave plans is it allowed to do so. And this happens rarely, I might believe.

We need to focus on what we have in our awareness. We need to know that we can’t proceed to the new from a fog of hidden expediencies. We don’t need a veil over our eyes. This is the time for clear thinking, for moving beyond neurosis, for acceptance of all that Jesus holds out to us.

The way ahead is bright with promise. We are embarking on a great adventure. Our psychic attunement will become enhanced as we walk along. Look for surprises, for they are out there waiting for us.


Thank You for this good day. Help me to go with the flow, to cease jumping ahead to what might be—whether that eventuality might be good or bad, in my current estimation. I can’t know what will be best for the future, so why should I even try to predict? Surely this is why ACIM and ACOL counsel against our planning against contingencies to come—unless prompted by the Holy Spirit or our inner Christ-Self.

Be with me to keep me placid and calm, at peace with the world and myself. Clear away any tendency to reach ahead in anxieties. This will only trip me up.

Thank You for always being here for me. Your way gives me a warmth in daily living that exalts the most mundane happening.