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Walk into the Present Moment for the Best Living

“[Y]ou need not heal the hurts of the past, nor project or plan a golden future of revenge for a baleful past.”  COL bk.2, 19:II

This quotation flies in the face of psychotherapy, which focuses very often on an attempt to heal the past by bringing it up for consideration.  But this does mean that we tend to live in the past, and that is a dead end.  We are often in low moods when we decide to consider the past, and this just makes our current predicament seem insurmountable. 

There is a better way.  Consider the past only in lifted moods, and then what we experienced is more likely to stay in the past, where it belongs.  We do not have to dwell in the past at all.  It was what it was.  “Healing” the past all too often keeps us tied to it, and we want to walk into the sunlight with Jesus holding our hand.

We certainly don’t want to plot revenge, which is the opposite of forgiveness.  Largely the reason that we don’t need to heal the past is that it only needs our forgiveness.  If we offer that, the past ceases to bother us.  And we are on the road to a happier life.

Let the past remain in the past.  Don’t try to relive it; don’t try to reform it.  Just realize that the secret to good living is remaining in the moment.  This moment. 

Our past doesn’t have to drag us down unless we make a decision for it to do so.  Let the past drop from us like chains that have bound us.  And the chains will miraculously fall from our body.