Memory Recollection

“These are but exercises in memory recollection, and the more you practice them the more true memory will return to you.  Do not apply any effort to these exercises, particularly not that of recalling spirit.  Just let  impressions come to you, and when they make you feel like smiling know that you are feeling memory return.  (A Course of Love, 13.3)”

Affirmation:  “May my true memory be keen today.”

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As people grow older, they lament the fact that memory often declines, even when there is no real pathology.  But there is a greater memory that everyone lacks, until, that is, we listen to what Jesus is saying.  We need to let impressions, especially intuitive impressions, come to us as they will.  When we are guided in this way, the daily irritations subside, and we smile more.

What is “true memory”?  It is the choice of all of us to join with others to be at peace in God.  When this happens, we are guided by the Christ-consciousness that is within.  We know what to do or say at the moment that the need arises.  Not a minute sooner, and not a minute afterwards.  We have heard previously of this phenomenon, in the Bible.  But this was the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  And in this era, we are moving into the time of Christ.  The Christ/Self within will guide us, just as surely as did the Holy Spirit.  We only have to ease our minds, choose to avoid being uptight, and we will find that memory is enhanced immediately.  We all know that when we freeze up, we can remember very little.

What would it be like to feel like smiling all the time?  Would not this be a blessing indeed?  Yes, it would.  And we are promised, in this passage, that such can be our fate.

Let us offer ourselves, again today, to God.  May He guide us with a sure hand.  And may we know from whence our help cometh.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would smile today, with a keen memory.  And the only way that I can do that is to turn to You.  You are the best way that I have ever learned to walk aright.  There is no other way to walk aright.  Help me to remember You throughout today.  And protect me from anxiety.  When I am anxious, I cannot recall those things that You would have me recall.  And I would recall the blessings that You have so graciously given me.


Do Not Turn Pain into Suffering

“How can you who are so holy suffer?  All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing.  I have saved all your kindnesses and every loving thought you ever had.  (T83)”

Affirmation:  “I have saved all your kindnesses and love.”


1 – Suffer?

This is a hard passage to understand.  It is true that Awakened individuals acknowledge feeling pain, but not suffering.  Eckhart Tolle is one of these individuals.  But most of us have not yet known Awakening on a sustained basis, and what are we to do when bad things happen?

2 – Think Kindness

I think that the Answer is the one we so often find in the Course.  The Answer is turning to guidance from the Holy Spirit.  Jesus himself says in this passage that he has saved our kindnesses and loving thoughts.  We can, without self-satisfaction, realize that, almost despite ourselves, we have had moments of kindnesses and loving thoughts.  If these were ever a comfort to our brother, they can also be a comfort to us in our times of pain.  This recollection will help to ensure that suffering, even in the midst of  pain, will not arise.

3 – Pain but No Suffering

We can find in the pain a blessing.  The passage seems to say this.   The passage also notes that we ourselves are holy, a concept that we find difficult to accept, because we usually feel so unworthy.  May we take Jesus at his word, and believe that we do not have to suffer in this world.  As we study the Course, perhaps we will come to see this concept more clearly and to feel pain, when it comes, but no suffering.

4 – Difficulty in Avoiding Suffering

We need to realize that we transform pain into suffering by our own thought processes.  Certainly in physical pain, it is hard not to get the mind involved.  We feel so bad physically that our bodies temporarily seem to take over our minds.  Whatever we do, in this world there probably will never be one correct action to take–other than asking for the Holy Spirit to give us the guidance that we need to remedy the situation.  He will answer, though if we are agitated, we may not “hear” what He has to say.  Seek calm and quiet, not agitation, and see how much more readily the physical pain ceases to be an affliction that can only be called “suffering.”


Dear Father,

May I know in my innermost being that I do not need to suffer.  In the Course, Jesus says that we do not have to learn through pain.  May I feel the truth of this reassurance.

It is good that my loving thoughts have been saved.  This seems to mean that my unloving thoughts will fall away.  Thank you.