Meeting God in Silence

“The great trick of evolution, if you would permit me to use such a term, is to grow the soul’s awareness so that it rests in silence, and yet does not need to withdraw or turn away from the expressions of creation to do so.  That is, it need no longer judge the body.  It need no longer judge the world that you see around the body.  It need no longer strive to ascend to some spiritual height in which all things disappear.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” The Way of Mastery, Lesson 23, Page 272)

The body is often seen as an impediment to our spiritual life.  But here Jesus is saying that the body is simply an expression of creation, and we do not need to make it “disappear” so that we can ascend to God.

We rest in silence, where God speaks to us.  Saint Teresa (formerly Mother Teresa) said the same thing, that God speaks to us in silence.  I think God is very much with us, that He guides us in literal terms.  Our own mind/heart can form words that are guidance from the subconscious, those things we say to ourselves without putting any thought into them.  And these too are one way that God reaches us, for He is in our depths.

Turn off the radio today.  Talk to God in the silence of our own heart.  This is prayer, and a very potent way to pray.

He will make Himself (also known as Herself) known in the best way possible to meet us where we are.  He will not push us to ascend some height if we are not ready.  But He will accelerate our course when we are ready, for God acts quickly when the time is ripe.