Invitation to Sit Five Minutes a Day as Christ

“The struggle to awaken is the very obstacle to its accomplishment.  That is why the five minutes as Christ was given to you as a very simple exercise.  And if, indeed, you desire Christ above all things, would you not participate in it each day?  For that which you desire and love is that which pulls your attention to it.  If you love Christ, then let Christ pull you, attract you to spending five minutes a day in the realization that you can only be what you are created to be.”  (“The Way of Transformation,” The Way of Mastery, Chapter 20, Page 241)

The “five minutes as Christ” is explained elsewhere in The Way of Mastery as simply the choice to use one’s imagination to live as Christ, sitting quietly, for just five minutes–but five minutes every day. This is not an exercise for the ego, for we have moved beyond the ego. We are inviting our true self, the true Self, the Christ-Self, to fill our mind and heart with Jesus’ blessing.

Why would the struggle to awaken be the “very obstacle to its accomplishment”? I think it is because struggle is above all not “the way,” the Tao, to God. Sure, we will have anguish in this world, but our melding with God always happens when we quieten down and invite His peace. When we have glimpses of Awakening, satori, we can think back and realize that we were always silent on the inside.

With more silence, sitting as Christ, we leave struggle behind and invite the very process that we all want–Awakening/Christ-consciousness/enlightenment/transformation.

Day of Promise

“Today, here and now, wherever you are, from wherever you came, by whatever you call yourself in human reality, your long awaited day has arrived.  Today the grace of Christification has arrived.  This same infused grace was given to Me and to My divine Son Jesus.  Infused grace has arrived.  This gift of Heaven is given to everyone who reaches this point.  Today it comes to you.  Accept it.  Save it in the silence of your heart.  From that silence, let grace act in her way, in you and through you.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 9:II

We live in the Now, and so “today” is any Now that we have.  Mary is speaking assertively today, because I think she senses that many of us never let ourselves think we are ready, that we are good enough for Christ-consciousness.  But it isn’t a matter of “goodness,” per se.  It blossoms in us when, paradoxically, we give up the reins of our life and let God have His way with us.  We may not even call Him God, but when we slow down, quieten down, and be at peace, a satori will visit.

A satori is a glimpse of the Divine.  And all of us can expect, can have, this today.  If we believe we can.  That too is a salient point.  Believing in the goodness of the universe does mean that we don’t fret, fume, worry, be anxious.  We are safe, despite the crises that have enveloped us from time to time.  We emerge stronger, sure of the growth that has happened in the crises.

Be very sure today that what Mary is saying is not an idle promise.  Today we can experience God as a Christ-conscious being.  God will decide if we are ready for this to be permanent.

Healing is of God. Revelation May Occasionally Reveal the End to You, but to Reach It the Means Are Needed.

“Healing is of God in the end. The means are being carefully explained to you. Revelation may occasionally reveal the end to you, but to reach it the means are needed. (T16)”

Affirmation: “Revelation may occasionally reveal the end”


1 – Revelation

We may know revelation, the revelation of Awakening, several times before it is permanent. These are but glimpses of what will await us when the elevated Self of form (from A Course of Love) is sustained, something that has not reached our world very often yet. Revelation does show us the end, though, and these glimpses happen to many of us. They are called, in Eastern terminology, “satori.” We can see glimpses of Awakening in our brothers and sisters, for this is far more common than is the sustaining of Awakening, or the elevated Self of form. To have known Awakening, even briefly, is a very wonderful blessing; it shows us what is possible. We really do live in the present, and we live without anxiety in the present. It is a time of great joy and freedom from fear.

2 – Means to Awakening

The “means,” in this passage, are found in A Course in Miracles. When we follow the way pointed out in its lovely writing, we will ultimately know the end of the Awakening that does not leave us. Jesus, as the one doing the channeling, is carefully pointing out, in ACIM, what needs to happen for Awakening to occur. For God to reach down and lift us up.

3 – Personal Experience

I have known two glimpses of Awakening–both long ago. One was for three months, a summer; and the other, right after I discovered A Course in Miracles, lasted six months. I did not sustain these satori, these glimpses. Now I have moments of sensing a Oneness with God, and I have hope that these will be sustained. I do know that the understanding that came to me in the glimpses of long ago have stayed with me. I was filled with joy, totally without worry and anxiety, and enjoyed living in the moment. I was very satisfied with life in general, and though my circumstances were mostly favorable, it was my attitude that colored everything. Glimpses of Awakening are gifts to be treasured. I can only believe that a sustaining of Awakening would bring a continual happiness, but I would be conscious, I think, of making a contribution to this world at the same time that I was reveling in my joy.

4 – Individual Who Is Awakened

I know one individual who has sustained Awakening, or enlightenment, or Christ-consciousness for more than 30 years. She is a modest individual who has many friends, thinks well of others, but does not push herself forward in any way. She speaks softly to others of her experience, which was begun as three crisis days of pain when she was 42; she is 75 now, and is seeking to publish a 350-page book of her experience and the sources in history that have explained to her what happened so long ago.

5 – Preconditions

My friend is certain that everybody can have what she has. She believes that people have aborted their own transformation by putting preconditions on God, something that she admits that she did not do. She opened herself up to God in total surrender. And as a result the world was restored to her in glory.

6 – From God to Us

It is comforting to know that we are, at any time, subject to revelation. This is not quite the same as miracles, which are perceptual and therefore do not last (from ACIM). We cannot easily explain revelation, as it sounds truthful only to ourselves, being intensely personal–from God to us, always. He knows us as nobody in this world can. An inner awareness of God will go a long way toward recognizing that He and we are not separate at all.


Dear Father,

Thank you for the times in my life that revelation has revealed Awakening to me. It was not sustained, but that it happened at all is grounds for hope that one day Awakening will be permanent.

May all of us know this great joy of experiencing Awakening. A Course in Miracles explains the healing that leads us to it.

Be with all of us today. Help us to have respect for others, respect and compassion. May we recognize when our brothers and sisters are in distress that rests on error, and thus calls for help. Most walk a difficult pathway in this world, but this does not have to be. Through love and gratitude, we can effect a better life for ourselves. May all of us do so today.


All Are Called but Few Choose to Listen. Chosen Ones Are Merely Those Who Choose Right Sooner.

manet - day in paris
“‘Many are called but few are chosen’ should be, ‘All are called but few choose to listen.’ Therefore, they do not choose right. The ‘chosen ones’ are merely those who choose right sooner. Right minds can do this now, and they will find rest unto their souls.

Affirmation: “rest unto their souls”


1 – All Are Called

In this passage Jesus corrects a statement attributed to him in the New Testament. We will stress the new version: “All are called.” There is nobody outside salvation, ultimately. It may be millions of years before the Atonement takes place for all, just as the separation occurred over millions of years. But we are bade to be patient, because once begun, the end of the journey is sure. We will all come home in God.

2 – Pessimistic?

This idea of millions of years may seem to our finite minds to be pessimistic in the extreme. Who would want to wait for millions of years? But I think that that is why our contribution to this world is so important. Elsewhere Jesus says that the world is very tired:

“The world is very tired, because it is the idea of weariness. Our task is the joyous one of waking it to the Call for God. (T-5.II.10)”

3 – Thousand Years Saved by Each of Us

And we are also told that each can save a thousand years as the world judges time. So we are not to admit defeat before we have hardly begun to save this world.

4 – Much Rides on Us

There is another point to make. We are probably in the forerunners for those who have the knowledge of how to proceed to salvation, and then on to the ultimate, Awakening. Each person that we lead aright will derive great happiness from the changes in his/her life. And we will as well. So the more that we can reach, the faster that million years will shrink, if indeed the shrinkage in time is possible. Jesus does not promise this, but the sad state of our world would indicate that now is the time. Eckhart Tolle says, indeed, that more people must awaken now, or the planet is doomed (The Power of Now and A New Earth).

5 – Teachers of God and Their Mission

Teachers of God are those who lead the way, but only time separates students from teachers, and time does not really exist (a concept of A Course in Miracles). Teachers of God have chosen right sooner, and are thus freed to lead others back to God. We do not and ought not in any way to see ourselves as more privileged than others. To give thanks for such a blessing is to make the mistake made in the New Testament, in which a “spiritual” man prayed that prayer and did not return to his house reconciled with God.

6 – All Are Called

So all are indeed called. We don’t have to wonder anymore if “evil” men and women will be damned. Hell as has historically been perceived is a myth, though we can imagine anything that we want and therefore think that it is true. There are stories of individuals who have died (and returned to life) who saw fire and brimstone on the Other Side. So the imagination is keen, and the imagination brings to us the experiences that we believe we deserve. We create our own reality, as has often been said by many New Agers.

7 – New Testament

Jesus corrects a number of statements attributed to him in the New Testament. This ought not to surprise us, but to be a comfort, for his words in ACIM are always more comforting than the words from the New Testament that he seeks to alter. An important one is, “I came to bring a sword,” and Jesus in the Text of ACIM says that this could not be something that he would ever say. As we proceed, there is much about ultimate reality that we will learn. Listen to inner guidance, and ask yourself what is more likely to be true. A loving God and a loving Jesus pave the smooth pathway.

8 – Rest

We are children of God, and we will then find the rest that all of us crave.

9 – Yes, Rest

So many of us think that we are tired, though Jesus says elsewhere that we are not really capable of being tired–but are very capable of wearying ourselves. And so many of us weary ourselves in the course of a day. Much of this weariness seems to me to be a kowtowing to the ego. We are sensitive about what people think of us, and we try so hard to put up a good front. A perfect persona. This lamentable choice is just what the ego would have us do. And until we do otherwise, we will not find that rest that we crave. Great masters have learned that they need to be the same, regardless of what company they keep. They need not to awed by the “greats” of this world. They are humble and quiet in demeanor, and so we ought to be. We may not have awakened, as have they, but we can take steps in that direction. The initial movement comes from God, but we can indeed influence our path after that initial nod from God. Glimpses of Awakening come to many us, called satori in Eastern terminology. But be careful not to let the ego rule such occasions. It is nothing of which one ought to be “proud,” and pride is, of course, a sure sign that the ego has reared its head once again. Watch the wily ego, for its days are numbered, and so does this part of our belief about ourselves know surely.


Dear Father,

Thank you that all are chosen, and that we can choose to listen sooner rather than later. Then we have rest unto our souls. This is a great blessing. Thank you.

May we realize that we are called to save our brothers and sisters. This is the plan of salvation, and when we take our place in it, the time of return is shortened considerably.

May none of us be disheartened by the statement by Jesus that the return of everyone may take millions of years. As long as the outcome is certain, we ought to take heart. And the sooner we fall in line with Jesus’s teachings, and the sooner we lead others to him, the more time will be collapsed.

Thank You.


A Persona

Garden_at_Sainte-Adresse - monet
“As was said at the beginning of this treatise, by the time the learning of this treatise is complete, the personal self will continue to exist only as the self you present to others. It will be a representation only. (Treatises of A Course of Love: Treatise on the Personal Self, 21.18)”

Affirmation: “May my personal self be a true representation of who I am.”


1 – Persona

The personal self does not leave us, because all of us need a persona to present to the world. But now, if we believe this treatise, we can present an accurate version of who we really are. We do not have to present a persona that is falsified by our own sense of inadequacy. This personal self, for us now, is a representation only. And by that, I think that Jesus means that it is not the whole of who we are. A representation means that the self presents a version of itself that is not reflective of the whole, because that would be impossible. No one can see the whole of who we are. We cannot even see it. But it is there, and it is the Christ Self, the Self living in Christ-consciousness, once this blessing has descended upon us.

2 – Christ-Consciousness

Christ-consciousness is the term used in A Course of Love to replace the word, Awakening, from A Course in Miracles. Another word, meaning the same, is enlightenment. And in the Bible, salvation is used. Christ-consciousness and Awakening, though, are the final step in a long process, a step that many of us cannot yet reach. God takes that final step for us, for we do not “achieve” enlightenment. We are merited by the grace of God. But to reach this pinnacle, we have to understand certain things. And these things cannot be learned in the usual meaning of that word. They are glimpses of a higher reality, a satori (an Eastern term). The glimpses ultimately end in the sustaining of Christ-consciousness.

3 – Eckhart Tolle

Does this happen often? No, but it is happening more frequently than ever before, for the world needs enlightened beings or we are doomed. Eckhart Tolle, who himself has experienced enlightenment (The Power of Now; A New Earth), says that individuals contact him frequently to have him explain the things that are happening to them, the things that come almost unbidden. Eckhart relinquished his self because of intense mental suffering when he was about 30 (some 30 years ago now), but A Course in Miracles indicates that we do not have to learn through pain. Learning through rewards is more lasting.

4 – Gentle Awakening

So we can hold out for a gentle Awakening, as promised in ACIM. We would avoid the scream of mortal terror (from the Text of ACIM) that would precede Awakening, unless we have been prepared. And ACIM and ACOL are preparing us. Let us listen well.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would present a persona to the world that tries, as best it can, to be an accurate reflection of who I am. And I hope that that representation is worthy. Be with me to change me in ways that I need to change, to more accurately reflect the Self who is within.

May I see the satori, the two of them, that I have lived through expand into a larger concept of sustainability. Like everybody else who reads this, I too want a sustained Awakening. Help me to be patient, if patient is what I need to be. And may I not delude myself into thinking that I have awakened when in fact I have not. That would be a false representation of myself, and I would not have that.