True Peace

“Realize that I am love.  Remembering this is enough to bring true peace to your heart and mind.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 2:I

This is a message from Jesus.  I think this assertion will work for us when we do follow him as our leader.  Following Jesus as our leader and savior is the message of traditional Christianity as well as the recently channeled works which many believe are from Jesus, including this one—Choose Only Love—and A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and The Way of Mastery.

We need someone who has walked the whole pathway back to God as our guide.  When we trust that one, we know that we can have the peace that we feel when we think of him.  He paved the way.  Now he is inviting us to join him as an equal, not subordinate to him in any way.  He got there first, but he wants nothing more than for us to share the love that that journey showed to him.  And he takes us by the hand as we walk along.

If we trust Jesus as our leader and guide, oftentimes our savior, we will—he says—experience true peace.  And who among us does not want that?  Let go of doubts that Jesus is actually speaking to us in this quotation and open the mind and heart to the belief that he is.

When we feel true peace in this belief, we will know all we need to know.  We will walk a smooth road back to God, with Jesus’ hand clasped in ours.

Jesus Is Love

“Realize that I am love.  Remembering this is enough to bring true peace to your heart and mind.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 2:I

As I drive through the streets of my town in the midst of a pandemic, economic uncertainty, and unrest in cities, I see signs out front of many houses that say, “My hope is in Jesus.”  Certainly the people who posted those signs have found hope in remembering that Jesus is love.  Here Jesus is quoted as saying that remembering him as love will bring true peace to heart and mind.

Take a moment to think as Jesus has asked.  This statement, “Realize that I am love,” brings comfort to my mind and heart.  It will do the same for yours.

Jesus speaks often in Choose Only Love as our personal savior. If this seems hard for some to accept, still there it is. Open the mind and heart a little. Consider that maybe traditional Christianity has it right. We need someone whose hand we can hold as we walk along in this difficult world. Nobody is so strong as not to need some help.

Jesus will empower us by his help. Open the mind and heart, and trust him.

He asks nothing more.

The Easy Way Out

“Resign as your own teacher. Accept me as your teacher and accept that I will teach you the truth. Find no shame in this. You cannot learn what I would teach you without me. You have tried in countless ways and can try still again. But you will not succeed. Not because you are not smart enough. Not because you will not try hard enough. But because it is impossible. It is impossible to learn anything on your own. Your determination to do so only blocks your learning. It is only through union with me that you learn because it is only in union with me that you are your Self.” (ACOL, C:1.10)

In this passage Jesus asserts that his Self and our Self are one. And that we need him to make proper decisions. On our own, we cannot choose rightly; we just get lost in mindless meandering. Here Jesus is taking his place in this teaching volume of A Course of Love as our teacher. (Toward the end of ACOL, he will resign as our teacher, saying that we have now learned from him, and that he is our companion in the future.)

We cannot learn on our own, even when we try the hardest. We need a wiser soul to take charge and lead us out of the maze in which we find ourselves. And Jesus, as our savior, takes this task of leading us out unto himself. What a blessing for us this really is! We don’t have to struggle to get free of eons of bad choices. He will show us the easy way out of the mess that we have made of our lives. He knows how to do it, and he is using A Course of Love as one gigantic teaching tool.

There are other pathways, of course. But if we find an affinity with A Course of Love, it behooves us to accept the savior who is channeling that work. And I believe that this is indeed Jesus. Many others believe this as well. And indeed we find many wise sayings in ACOL that vie for a place among the best advice ever given.

Let Jesus help today. Read the first volume of ACOL with new eyes. Accept Jesus as the savior, the teacher, who can lead us into creating the new world that he so wants us to become part of. What do we have to lose but our agony?

May the Holy Spirit Speak through Me Today

ACIM Workbook Lesson 296 – for Sunday, October 23, 2011

Affirmation:  “The Holy Spirit speaks through me today.”

“I would be savior to the world I made.  For having damned it I would be set free, that I may find escape, and hear the Word Your holy Voice will speak to me today.  (WB446)”


1 – We “Made” the World that We See

Here we find once again that we “made” the world that we see.  We project from within, outward, and there we find the illusions that we perceive.  There is nothing outside of us, part of the worldview of A Course in Miracles.

2 – May We Help Save the World

We must be savior to this world.  We have often thought of Jesus as the savior, but only time separates what he is to what we will be.  And he needs our cooperation in saving this world.  We grew up hearing such things as this in our churches, and we still hear the same thing, even in mainstream churches that have nothing to do with ACIM.

3 – Lead the World Away from Disaster

We have “damned” this world.  We have helped to make the chaos in which we find ourselves.  And we would rectify these mistakes now.  Let us wait not one second longer.  Reach out to the person closest to you (whether by touch, phone, e-mail, or texting), and begin the process of leading this world away from disaster and on to a Heaven on earth for all who live here.


Dear Father/Mother,

It is a daunting idea that all of us are meant to save the world.  Many have thought this, and instead have made more chaos.  May we follow only what guidance, true guidance, gives to us to do, and may we not make mistakes that will hurt our brothers and sisters.  May we listen to the Holy Spirit as we seek to be saviors, along with Jesus, of the world that we “made.”  As projection makes perception, may we see the world change from a place of chaos to a place of peace.

Be with me as I make decisions today.  I still get irritated when my best intentions are rebuffed.  May I always remember that this world is an illusion, a dream, and that I am creating the dream in which I find myself.  I can forgive this dream, and not feel pain, when I am rebuffed.  There is madness afoot.  It is not for me to judge this madness, but to ask the Holy Spirit to offer His peace to everyone whom I encounter.  Help me to be an instrument of His peace.  Thank You for being there for me when times seem depressed.  I know that times do not have to remain depressed.  My prayer, my communing, with You can change my demeanor to one of joy.  Help me to receive joy of You now.