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Rest in God’s Grace

“Seekers are but another category of those who at the precipice act as if they have hit a wall rather than come across a bridge. It is precisely the place at which you stopped that you must return to. Those who continue to seek may have left teachings of the Course or of one or another spiritual or religious tradition only to find another and still another. For those intent on seeking there is always more to seek, but those who find must stop to realize what they have found and to realize that they seek no more.” (ACOL, C:P.23)

A Course of Love represents the final thing sought; we are home again when we have read it all—or so Jesus hopes.

We have long sought, most of us. And there is always another mountaintop of seeking awaiting us, if that is what we wish to find. Jesus knows that this is compulsive behavior for which we need an end. And he provides that end in A Course of Love.

We need to realize that we are The Accomplished. Not in an egoic sense, of course; we have moved far beyond this. But we need to see that at the precipice of the mountain we have found a bridge to the Promised Land, not “hit a wall” (as Jesus warns we are prone to believe).

We don’t have to keep seeking, and is this not welcome news? We have found, and Jesus points that out in ACOL, our final way home. Others have other pathways, but we have selected ours, and ACOL does works for those of us who have chosen it.

There is a proviso, though, one that I have been pointing out for several days now. Not all of us will reach enlightenment when we finish reading A Course of Love, and we may encounter a yearning that is very uncomfortable. Ask for help if this comes to us. Just ask for help. God’s helpers, and God Himself, will be right there with us, taking away the yearning (at least momentarily), and giving us an ease of mind.

This is the best way to be: Not seeking, but just surrendering to God’s grace to come when it may. Just surrender to God. He will do the rest—which may not be Christ-consciousness right away. But he will take away the pain of no reaching where we would go. He will keep us patient and happy in our daily walk with Him.