Who Needs Prayers? Who Needs a Smile?

1 – Giving What Is Needed

“Who would profit more from prayers alone? Who needs but a smile, being as yet unready for more? (M70)”

2 – Interactions

Our interactions with our brothers and sisters always must be attuned to what they are ready to accept. Perhaps a vocal witness is the wrong tactic. Then we will be let to pray for them, or, as this passage says, to give only a smile. We do not want to turn off others by unwelcome proselytizing.

3 – Catherine Marshall

Catherine Marshall, a spiritual writer of earlier times, counseled putting a “golden zipper” upon our lips when around unbelievers who are not actively seeking our help. This is Mrs. Marshall’s advice particularly where significant others are concerned. Those closest to us do not want to be inundated by unsought advice about their salvation.

4 – Questions

If we are lucky, when they see that we have changed, they will begin to ask questions. Then is the time to take off the “golden zipper” from our lips, and to witness to them. May this day come soon for all of us, especially with those closest to us.

5 – The Curriculum

“The curriculum is highly individualized, and all aspects are under the Holy Spirit’s particular care and guidance. Ask and He will answer. The responsibility is His, and he alone is fit to assume it. To do so is His function. To refer the question to Him is yours. Would you want to be responsible for decisions about which you understand so little? (M70)”

6 – Individualized

The phrase, “the curriculum is highly individualized,” means, I think, that we all have, tailor-made for us, the pathway that serves best. We learn what we are ready to learn, and we run across the guidance, in the form of reading (often), or words, or intuition, the particular reactions that we are prompted to have. We are not left to our own devices. We are led every step of the way.

7 – Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, the Universal Inspiration, is chosen by God for this task. We can appeal to Him, and, without exception, be answered. We may not recognize this Answer immediately, but if we are attuned at all (not overwrought), we will come to understand sooner rather than later.

8 – Guidance

We are to ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. That is our function, to refer to Him in all things. To defer to Him in all things. Let us proceed cautiously, sometimes, through our days, especially when the way seems confusing and we don’t know what to do.

9 – Be with Us

Be with us as we seek this guidance on a constant basis. This guidance will lead us back to God.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I be a good witness for You. May I not let my own troubles interfere with helping those who surround me. May I choose rightly what they are ready to accept by way of salvation.

Help me today. I need Your help. I am hesitant to choose what my brothers and sisters can best accept from me now.


Memory Recollection

“These are but exercises in memory recollection, and the more you practice them the more true memory will return to you.  Do not apply any effort to these exercises, particularly not that of recalling spirit.  Just let  impressions come to you, and when they make you feel like smiling know that you are feeling memory return.  (A Course of Love, 13.3)”

Affirmation:  “May my true memory be keen today.”

The-Fisherman - renoir


As people grow older, they lament the fact that memory often declines, even when there is no real pathology.  But there is a greater memory that everyone lacks, until, that is, we listen to what Jesus is saying.  We need to let impressions, especially intuitive impressions, come to us as they will.  When we are guided in this way, the daily irritations subside, and we smile more.

What is “true memory”?  It is the choice of all of us to join with others to be at peace in God.  When this happens, we are guided by the Christ-consciousness that is within.  We know what to do or say at the moment that the need arises.  Not a minute sooner, and not a minute afterwards.  We have heard previously of this phenomenon, in the Bible.  But this was the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  And in this era, we are moving into the time of Christ.  The Christ/Self within will guide us, just as surely as did the Holy Spirit.  We only have to ease our minds, choose to avoid being uptight, and we will find that memory is enhanced immediately.  We all know that when we freeze up, we can remember very little.

What would it be like to feel like smiling all the time?  Would not this be a blessing indeed?  Yes, it would.  And we are promised, in this passage, that such can be our fate.

Let us offer ourselves, again today, to God.  May He guide us with a sure hand.  And may we know from whence our help cometh.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would smile today, with a keen memory.  And the only way that I can do that is to turn to You.  You are the best way that I have ever learned to walk aright.  There is no other way to walk aright.  Help me to remember You throughout today.  And protect me from anxiety.  When I am anxious, I cannot recall those things that You would have me recall.  And I would recall the blessings that You have so graciously given me.