Psychic Powers

1 – The “Devil”?

“‘Psychic’ abilities have been used to call upon the devil, which merely means to strengthen the ego. (M63)”

2 – Ego

The “devil” is not seen by the Course as a powerful figure; the devil is simply seen as a way of characterizing the ego. Moreover, the contest between hell and Heaven is seen to be an egoistic drama, something that our minds have made up because of the rise of the ego in us. This happened as a result of a tiny, mad idea that entered the mind of the Sons and Daughters of God, and this tiny mad idea became our downfall. In actuality, we have not left Heaven; our Self is there.

3 – Travel Back in Time

And we travel back in time to that time past remembering, until we are Home again. All of these ideas as Course tenets. We cannot begin to understand, but we can accept these tenets, because they come from Jesus–our elder brother who has walked the whole pathway, and who stands ready to give us a helping hand when we cannot undo all the mistakes that we have made.

4 – Intuition

These psychic abilities may be as simple as a tiny intuition of what to do or say next. We can test out these feelings, and if they lead us to a better world, we would be foolish not to follow them. We are not being led by the ego at such times, or by the “devil.” indicates).

5 – Limitations

“Those who have developed ‘psychic’ powers have simply let some of the limitations they laid upon their minds be lifted. It can be but further limitations they lay upon themselves if they utilize their increased freedom for greater imprisonment. The Holy Spirit needs these gifts, and those who offer them to Him and Him alone go with Christ’s gratitude upon their hearts, and His holy sight not far behind. (M63)”

6 – Mind

If we could only let the limitations on our minds be lifted! And we can. We have this within our power, and to do so is strictly within the Holy Spirit’s purview. God wants us to enlarge our scope, and here is one way that we can do.

7 – Ask

How do we let the limitations on our minds be lifted? I think that we ask. That’s right, we just ask—in prayer, for these gifts, which are of the Holy Spirit. If we want to be more psychic in our daily lives, just ask. And then watch quietly while more and more “hidden” knowledge becomes available.

8 – Personal Experience

I have noticed over the years that the way in which I get guidance has changed, not in full content but in more frequent content of an altered nature. Earlier, when I was 30 and before, I listened to “feelings,” and these were more prevalent the more vulnerable that I was emotionally. If I were especially stressed, I would have feelings about what to do and say rise to the surface very easily.

9 – Safe?

But is this safe, emotionally? Sometimes not. And we need to be safe emotionally at all times. The Holy Spirit cannot use us effectively if we are living on the edge.

10 – Unconscious

In the last few years, I have noticed that words from the subconscious come into my mind, almost unbidden. These are words from my inner Self, I think. And they are my own thinking reflected back to me, I think. But they have psychic power. I know, or have knowledge, of things over which I would not normally “know.” And when I act on the actions that are prompted, life goes more smoothly.

11 – Reflective Thinking a Must

I am especially attuned to my most significant other, my husband. I seem to know what to say and not to say, knowing him so intimately as I do. Of course, this knowledge, if it might be called that, is not 100 percent. And I sometimes barrel ahead without thinking reflectively, which is frequently a mistake.

12 – God

God takes us where we are, and builds from there. Psychic flashes are prevalent for me, and I would not have this gift turned to the ego. Even writing about it is a danger. But I pray to be protected from turning the psychic into an ego manifestation. I simply mean to share, to see if others have a similar reaction.

13 – Ego, Again

The ego would love to turn psychic flashes into its own. Such a dip in cognition would affirm the value of the ego, especially if material objects are not valued as previously. This will not do. The psychic, turned egoistic, is a sad commentary indeed on a gift of the Holy Spirit.

14 – Holy Spirit

May all of us seek to use additional gifts of the Holy Spirit only for God’s purposes.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I not use my psychic inclinations as a way to strengthen the ego. May I have no pride in having psychic abilities.

Please be with me as I explore my psychic nature. And may I use it only for the good of my brothers and sisters, and the good for myself.