Live in Love

“[I]t is essential that you remember that the fundamental thing is not to accumulate information or particular worldly knowledge.  The essential thing is to live in love, to know you are loved.”  Choose Only Love bk.3, 7:II

First things first—and love is always and forever the answer.  Our knowledge/information is something in which we take pride.  But our love is the only thing that matters.  When our lifetime is nearing a close, we will know this.  Nobody wishes that they had spent more time at the office when that person is on a deathbed.

We who study Jesus’ channeled writings may be studying them for the wrong reasons.  Perhaps this is implied in what Jesus is saying here.  It is interesting to understand ultimate reality, but it is not essential.  And anybody who gives up grievances and resentments can live in love.  The knowledge that Jesus imparts in his books give us grounding in love, it is true.  But we are born with an innate ability to love.  It is our birthright.

Turn to our significant others today in love.  Express love.  Feel love.  Live love.  There is no other way to live successfully.  Living in love is the true measure of success.

Walking Easily and Effortlessly along the Pathway

1 – First Place

“. . .[T]hose who have achieved ‘first place’ do so realizing that the elevated ‘place’ they briefly hold is of a finite nature and that others will soon do the same and that those who follow in time will do so more easily, with less effort, and with even greater success. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 2.12)”

2 – Jesus

This passage from the “Treatise on the New” echoes a similar statement by Jesus in the New Testament. He indicated that those who followed him would do even greater things.

3 – ACOL

In the same way, those of us who are coming to A Course of Love early on will eventually be surpassed by others who have greater understanding than do we. The world will have advanced, and so their speaking to a new audience will have more meaning in a later culture. It is perhaps too early for the Christ-consciousness of which Jesus speaks to take hold in a universal way. Elsewhere Jesus says in ACOL that soon the world will be peopled by those who were born in the time of Christ, and they will not need nor understand the ways of the time of the Holy Spirit.

4 – Holy Spirit / Inner Christ Self

Now we are caught between two worlds: the world in which guidance comes from the Holy Spirit (as A Course in Miracles relates), and the world in which Christ-consciousness rules (as A Course of Love relates). We will receive guidance through an inner knowing in the time of Christ, the new time. We will not, unwittingly, look outside ourselves for our guidance. We will know from observation, not from learning (an ACOL concept).

5 – Seekers

It is certainly helpful to those of us who have long been seekers, and with some effort, to know that the way of the future holds less need for effort. Life is meant to be lived peacefully, and while struggle may continue, it will lose its hold on us. We will live in peace, not so much from inner conflict, and more from a loving heart. May all of us work today to speed this “new day” on its way.

6 – Confidence

“Despite the necessity for a confidence that has led them to achieve their desired end, most who so achieve and become the first to set records, discover, or invent the new, are not aware of themselves as ‘better than’ for their goal was not to be better than anyone but themselves. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 2.12)”

7 – Ego

This is important. We who have discovered A Course in Miracles and/or A Course of Love all too often may be tempted to think that we are in the forefront, and the ego likes that. Yet those who break Olympic records are competing, if they are competing well, only with themselves. We need to realize that others who come after us will understand better than we do, for there will be more minds from which to glean ideas, minds which have studied and observed, and come to knowledge (rather than perception).

8 – Egotistically?

So in a sense we do lead the way now, if we stay true to the course that is set before us. But we do not do so egotistically, which would be a step backward. Jesus says in A Course of Love, in the Dialogues (to be read last in the trilogy), that those who have reached this far have relinquished the ego.

9 – Relinquish the Ego

If we haven’t yet relinquished the ego, let’s do so now. Right now. Pray about it.

10 – Short Way

The way is not lengthy when we are united with the Holy Spirit, as A Course in Miracles says or the inner Christ Self, as A Course of Love says.


Dear Father/Mother,

I am frequently very much wanting to find the easiest and most effortless way to do my tasks. If “easy and “effortless” are called for, may they come to me today. And it is a blessing that those who come after me will enjoy this boon ever more often.

Thank you for making my pathway easy by your Grace. Even when times have been difficult, there is joy because You have helped the pathway to be smoother.

I would walk your way, all the way, today. I am seeking guidance, seeking reassurance that what I perceived this morning is indeed true. This is not a major life task, and there are other ways to achieve the goal, but I would go Your best way. Help me to find that best way. Keep me close to Your counsel.