The Ultimate Way to Erase Misperceptions

“I cannot unite your will with God’s for you, but I can erase all misperceptions from your mind if you will bring it under my guidance.  (T43)”

Affirmation:  “I can erase all misperceptions from your mind.”


1 – Following Intuition

Jesus does not take away the power of our minds.  We retain in full control, but it is a control that we are bade willingly to relinquish to the Holy Spirit.  How do we do this?  We listen to a knowing, an intuition of how to live our days.  Thus Jesus cautions that we cannot ask him to take over our minds.

2 – Jesus as a Guide for Us

What Jesus can do, though, as he tells us in this passage, is to “erase all misperceptions” from our minds.  We are willingly putting our minds under his guidance.

3 – The Holy Spirit and Jesus Work Together

Retaining the power of our minds, but listening to guidance, is not contradictory.  We willingly relinquish all that does not matter, choosing to keep only the real and the true.   Jesus guides this activity when he is shown a willing mind and spirit.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I enthusiastically and willingly place my mind under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Then misperceptions fall away, and I live in a much happier world.

Thank you for Jesus’s guidance.  He will help us to eliminate misperceptions if we are open to his guidance.


Invulnerable Mind

“The mind that serves spirit is invulnerable.  (T11)”

Affirmation:  “May my mind serve spirit today.”


1 – Do You Feel Vulnerable?

Many of us feel vulnerable.  But there is a way out.  When we dedicate our minds to the service of spirit, we will know ourselves to be invulnerable.  This is one of the few places in A Course in Miracles that “spirit” is not capitalized and therefore meant to be the Holy Spirit.  I interpret this to mean that to focus on “spirit” (not capitalized) would inject controversy into our study.  By the same token, the word “soul” is not brought up in any significant way in ACIM; there are too many theological overtones to the word “soul,” and Jesus says that theology can delay.  We need the universal experience that ACIM seeks to bring about.  We do not need to let theology delay, for a universal theology is impossible.  (These are paraphrases from ACIM.)

2 – Invulnerability

What a grand experience this is, even when seen only in snatches.  We will recognize invulnerability only at certain junctures, when we are especially open to love.  When we pray that our minds will serve spirit only, we are well on our way.

3 – A Great Gift

The recognition of invulnerability is a great gift.  We can walk unafraid throughout our world, certain that we are protected.  We may find pain, but we will not know suffering in that pain.  And Jesus has promised in A Course in Miracles that we do not have to learn through pain.  This is an open mind, serving spirit, that lets us walk freely through the sometimes conflict-ridden world that we know.

4 – The Holy Spirit

When I say “spirit,” I am not specifically writing of the Holy Spirit, but it is through Him that we live best.  Our minds cannot comprehend Who the Holy Spirit really is, but we can pray that we will understand from a mystical standpoint.  We can “know” things, beyond the shadow of a doubt, internally–things that we would not ever be able to verbalize.  So part of our prayers today could well me an entreaty to have us come to comprehend something more of Who we mean by the Holy Spirit.  And, in the meantime, we can speculate that it is He that will tell us, being, as He is, our Guide.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would be invulnerable, because I would let my mind be totally subject to Your peace.  When I am not stressed, I do not get angry–another way of saying that my ego is not in control.

I would try to invite the Christ-consciousness by being sure that I am following the guidance that You give to me.  I would sustain a better way to live.

Thank You.