Teachers of Teachers

“There are those who have reached God directly, retaining no trace of worldly limits and remembering their own Identity perfectly.  These might be called the Teachers of teachers because, although they are no longer visible, their image can yet be called upon.  (M64)”

Affirmation:  “May I call upon Teachers of teachers often as I go about my day.”


This passage proclaims that when we have reached God directly, we will not long stay on this earth.  We will no longer be seen on earth, but our “image” can be called upon.  We are then “Teachers of teachers.”

Elsewhere Jesus says that very few of us willingly lay down the body simply to be of help to others in a greater way.  So most of us will not attain this degree of salvation while in this world.

We do have help from beyond the earth.  We can call upon this help, and we will receive assistance.  No greater bounty can be ours, than to know that we are never alone, that God and His Teachers care for us always.


Dear Father/Mother,

Help me to understand the concept of “Teachers of teachers.”  May I reach for their help often once I comprehend whom I am asking.

Thank you for providing all this help to me in this uncertain world.  May I be quick to take advantage of this help as I go about my day today.