To Turn from Fear to Love

“It is in saying, ‘Sister, you are not alone’ that spiritual hunger and thirst is met with the fullness of unity.  It is in realizing that you are not alone that you realize your unity with me and begin to turn from fear toward love.  (A Course of Love, 9.27)”

Affirmation:  “We are not alone.”


1 – Not Alone

Knowing that we are joined to Jesus through the Christ that we all share is a great blessing.  We do not have to ever–ever–feel alone.  Our needs, if they are truly needs, will be met.  We will join in the unity that is ours, and we will feel the touch of Jesus’s hand as we join.

2 – No Reason for Fear

When we have touched Jesus, we will finally–once and for all time–know that there is no reason for fear.  We may not be free of fear forever, for we have lived with its fruits for a long time, and habits die hard.  But if we consciously know that fear is not necessary, that we can live in love, we will intellectually understand.  And the feeling of the heart will follow.  When the feeling of the heart is there, we are truly free of the fear.  This goes a long way toward assuring that Christ-consciousness is welcome in our lives.

3 – Spiritually Hungry

Being spiritually hungry is a state easily overcome.  Just read scripture and inspirational writing.  Pray.  Meditate.  Commune with God.  Turn to our brothers and sisters for their insight.  Listen to ministers.

4 – The Pathway

Above all, don’t try to walk the pathway alone.  That is impossible.  We too often try to live our lives apart from others, and as a result, we are in pain and sometimes suffering.

5 – Do Not Isolate Yourself

Let us be through with this idea today.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I gladly join with my friends and family today.  May I seek the benefits of comaraderie to offset any pain of isolation.  You are always with me; so are many other whom I cannot see.  There is no reason to fear; I am not alone.

I wish for Your blessing today.  I pray for Your blessing.  I would not be spiritually hungry.  I would know that You have prepared well for me in what I view as a separate state.  I know that it is impossible that I really be separate.  We are One.