Definition of Love

“Knowing and love are inseparable.  When this is realized, it is obvious that love is the only true monet - travels with victoriawisdom, the only true understanding, the only true knowing.  Love is the great teacher.  And your loving relationships the means of learning love.  (A Course of Love, 23.1)”

Affirmation:  “I would learn love from my relationships today.”


1 – Knowing

We must seek to “know,” not to perceive, for perceptions are fleeting and knowledge is eternal.  When we love our significant others, and even beyond to other people, we come to knowledge.  This is the way of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.  It is through relationships that we come to know.

2 – Love Cancels Out Fear

Only in relationships will we be free of fear, for love, true love, cancels out fear.  Is not this motivation indeed?

3 – Dislodge the Ego

The motivation to dislodge the ego, and to replace that ego with true identity, is paramount if we are to know lasting happiness.  And lasting happiness, along with salvation and forgiveness, represent our function here.  Happiness, salvation, forgiveness–all are synonymous.  And when we have reached outward to our brothers and sisters, we will know that love is here to envelop us.

4 – Today’s Task

May we know this today.


Dear Father/Mother,

I would know love today, for surely this is the all-important pathway to happiness.  And happiness is a worthy goal, though I have not always believed that it was my function (along with salvation and forgiveness, as ACIM says).  Help me to love, first, my significant others, and then may I also love myself as I love them, and then may I love my brothers and sisters, met and unmet, in this world.  I am conscious of the Other Side.  Indeed, I imagined that my great-grandmother and a friend of ours visited me in the middle of the night two nights ago when I was having trouble sleeping.  I sensed their presence, though I did not see nor hear anything.  Thank You for that experience.  A very comforting experience.

May I seek only to bring comfort today, an affirmation that Hugh Prather, the late writer/speaker on ACIM, recommended.  May I bring comfort to my husband, who is so good to me and such a blessing in my life.  I waited a long time to find him, but the wait was worth it.  Thank You for giving me the patience to wait until the right man entered my life.

Be with me as I seek to know more of love today.  You are Love, and You are not simply an emotion.  Help me to see more of that which You are.  And thank You for guiding me so gently and peacefully to good days of serenity.