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Fear and Love = the Two Emotions

“Fear, like all the rest of your emotions, comes in many guises and is given many names, but there are really only two emotions:  one is fear, the other love.  Fear is thus the source of all illusion, love the source of truth.  (A Course of Love, 9.16)”

Affirmation:  “I choose love today.”


1 – From A Course in Miracles

This passage is a direct replay of ideas from A Course in Miracles.  Indeed, the idea that there are only two emotions, love and fear, is one of the most frequently recognized statements from ACIM.

2 – Eliminate Fear

If we would leave illusion behind, and walk into the sunlight with God and our Self, we must find a way to eliminate fear.  This is not always easy, for there are a multitude of disguises, even though at base all of these disguises are of fear.  Jesus indicates in A Course in Miracles that we cannot ask him to remove fear from our lives, for we have made it, and if he acted to remove fear, he would be coming between cause and effect, a most important law.  But we can ask that we get help in alleviating the conditions that have led to the fear (from the Text of ACIM).  This is always a helpful prayer, and like all real prayers, when this prayer is truly meant, it is answered quickly.

3 – Personal Experience

The next night of insomnia you experience would be a good time to test out this idea.  First, commune/pray with/to God, relax, and then decide that maybe God has a reason for your sleeplessness.  What conditions have brought about the fear/sleeplessness?  What do you want to have help on?  Be specific, and it may help to write out on paper or computer the conditions as you view them.  Be certain that answers will come, if not immediately, when you have calmed down enough to let intuitive thoughts rise to the surface.  Then let the prayer sink to your depths.  You have done all you can for one night.  Know that the answers will arrive.  Make this a primary belief.

4 – Anxiety

Anxiety has dogged me all my life, and so I have had sleepless nights.  This, in spite of more than 30 years of making A Course in Miracles my primary study.  But, as time has gone by, the anxiety over a sleepless night has abated, and, as this abatement has happened, the blessing of God’s love has overcome me more and more frequently.  I have also learned secular techniques for dealing with anxiety.  And, of course, I have prayed, long and deeply, for help in the conditions that have brought my fear to the forefront at any given time.

5 – Love

But Jesus also says in this passage that love is the source of truth.  We know this intellectually, and now, through  A Course of Love, we have reached the time to know this through our hearts.  Unlike our minds, which raise unanswerable questions, our hearts do not question.  We feel, and from the feeling, we know.  That is the blessing of this passage from Jesus in A Course of Love.


Dear Father/Mother,

Another night of an hour and a half of no sleeping, but thank You that I can devote awhile today to a nap.  Help all of us to deal with those things that are less than the best.  We would choose to walk Your way, and this way is always one of peace.  Help me to remember that the next time I awaken in the middle of the night.

Be with us as we seek to choose love and eliminate fear.  This is our major task, along with the forgiveness that we have come to recognize.  We too must forgive ourselves, once we have asked of You the forgiveness that we all need.

Be with me throughout the day today.  May my mood is high, and my actions and thoughts be congenial.  Be with my significant others, and all others who are touched by my words and actions.


Real Purpose of This World

“The real purpose of this world is to use it to correct your unbelief.  You can never control the effects of fear yourself, because you made fear, and you believe in what you made.  (T1.6.4)”

Affirmation:  “you made fear”


1 – Love and Fear

Love and fear are the only two emotions, according to A Course in Miracles.  All other emotions are variants of these two.  Of the two, love is of God and fear is of the man-made ego.  The ego, as long as we are under its control, does believe in itself as the rightful controller of our minds.  Given this idea, it follows that the ego-controlled mind cannot control the effects of fear.

2 – Turn to the Holy Spirit

What are we to do?  The answer is always the same; the Course is simple, in that the Holy Spirit is repeatedly given as our Answer.  Turn to Him inwardly, and He will free us.

3 – Fear Can Be Self-Controlled

Elsewhere Jesus says that fear can be self-controlled.  There is a subtle difference here, in that this passage indicates that the effects of fear cannot be self-controlled.  We cannot know how widely our thoughts and actions will affect the world.  We need to ask for the miracle to prevent our ego-inspired self from affecting our world detrimentally.

4 – Diversion

Sometimes turning inward does not even seem possible, because we are so upset.  A Course in Miracles does not recommend distraction by music or a silly, funny video–but my experience of fear is that it can have so disturbed a reaction on the mind that only diversion will calm.  Then when diversion, distractions, have calmed us, we are quiet enough to return to prayer, and we can ask forgiveness for our stubbornness.  Keep in mind that God has never condemned, and so it is actually not even necessary for us to seek, in prayer, His forgiveness.  But we do need to forgive ourselves.  And this may be easier to come by if we realize that God does not condemn, that it is ourselves that have condemned ourselves.  And this is not a rational way to think.  We should never underestimate the madness of this world.  And we are in this world, and we will partake of part of its madness.  Only in seeking the real world will we find peace.


Dear Father/Mother,

We live in a sometimes fearful world.  We don’t fully realize that we make this fear.

Help us to turn our fears over to You, to know that You will help to eliminate the conditions that bring about the fear.  This is the cure that we ask today.