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When Two or More Are Joined Together

“’When two or more are joined together’ is not an injunction for bodies to unite. It is a statement that describes the truly real, the only reality that exists. It is the joining that is real and that causes all creation to sing a song of gladness.” (ACOL, 5.6)

When we find our brother in a holy relationship, we want to join with him. This can include physical joining, but often it does not, and the sense of joining that we get can be as overpowering as the physical joining to our spouse. Physical joining is not what Jesus is talking about in this quotation. He is describing the unity that we share with our brother or sister in a holy relationship. Unity and relationship, the hallmark words of A Course of Love. We are part of the One, the All, but we have individual parts within that One, and these individual parts, or entities, are in relationship one to the other. Essentially it is a mystical view of true reality.

When we join with our brother or sister, we know a joy that we cannot know when we hold ourselves apart and isolated. We are not truly ourselves in isolation, though we may hold ourselves apart to avoid hurt or pain, thinking this isolation will save us from suffering.

It won’t. We are the most protected from suffering when we join with another, for then the burden is divided, and therefore lessened. The burden may even drop off entirely, because we have a kindred spirit in the other person, in our brother or sister.

“What you join becomes real. As you take it into your Self you thereby make it real because you make it one with your real Self. This is reality. All you do not join with remains outside and is illusion, for what is not one with you does not exist.” (ACOL, 5.17)

When we join with another, we are no longer in illusion, separated (in illusion) from our real Self.

There is a popular children’s story called The Velveteen Rabbit, which takes place in a child’s playroom. The toys talk to each other, and the rabbit eventually learns that a toy becomes real when it has been loved by a child. Love makes real. In the joining of ourselves to others, we are making real as well. We are loving in this joining.

In true reality, all is One. There is nothing outside that is not illusion. And we create the reality when we join. So we have a part in making true reality actualize.

We do not achieve anything alone. We are in a world where we are meant to be companions one to the other. We try so hard to be independent, not to need anybody, but this avails us nothing, because it is against God’s divine intention for His children. No longer fiercely independent, we see for the first time the interdependence that this world affords. Our selves encased in physical bodies have blinded our eyes to this truth.

But joy is found in recovering the union that we all are meant to have with our brothers and sisters.