Visualizations Transform Our Experience

“But now the time is upon you to leave learned works behind in favor of observation, vision and revelation. Now is the time to leave behind study for imagining, envisioning, and desire. Now is the time to move out of the time of becoming who you are to the time of being who you are.” (ACOL, T4:9.4)

The time that Jesus is saying before us now is a time that can be loosely described as visualization, paying attention to that which is within and which we wish to create outside of ourselves. While the word “visualization” usually means just imagining a scene and evoking the senses in the imagination, I am using the word now to be something grander. A way of creating what scene we will walk through next. A way of knowing God’s—however we understand Him—will, and incorporating our understanding of that will through our own somewhat smaller creative realm. The usual definition of visualization is of what we hope to find in our future. But what we hope to find in our future becomes concrete when we bend our will to that of that Father, and then move into creating the ideas that He has planted in our mind and heart.

These words—observation, vision, revelation, and imagining, envisioning, desire—are important to life as it will unfold for us when we are living in Christ-consciousness. Though we know that we create our own reality, in Christ-consciousness we will look for a flow to our days that meshes with that higher vision of God Himself. And there is a world of difference between just creating our wishes and melding our desires to His. God, however we understand Him, knows far better than we do what will make us happy, what will make our brothers and sisters happy. And how we can act on choices that will improve the lives of ourselves and others without any damage to anybody at all. We choose the highest that can be when we listen for divine guidance in our visualizations. We choose the best that is out there.

Maybe we are all getting a little tired of having an imprisoned will, for conflict reigns when we go in one direction and our God goes in another. Our Christ-Self can merge these two separate wills into one, leading us to want what God wants for us. We are never better than when we are flowing with the Divine in daily life. Our daily lives take on a genuine, heartfelt magic that is magic in the best sense of the term. Magic that is not illusion, but true reality. Magic that gives us our heart’s desire—its real desire.

Suffering will fall away, for we will be supported by the universe, no longer going in one direction when the universe is heading in another. Suffering is borne of conflict, at its base. And when this unreal conflict is dropped from our emotion, we will know that our peace is now real, that it is the peace that passeth understanding.


Thank You for leading me to understand that I am just tired of suffering in any and all forms. I bend my will to Your bidding, because this is the way that peace envelops me, and I have flow to my days, joy to my nights. I have always been my own worst enemy, and this phenomenon is true for all of us. Let us reframe our days to walk into harmony with our brothers and sisters. When we serve them best, we also serve ourselves and God best.

Thank You for answering my prayer of yesterday. It is so easy to accept an answer, and then forget that that answer is an answer to prayer. I would not forget today.


Envisioning a Better Future Will Make It So

“Let me repeat that during the time of the Holy Spirit, some were able to come to know themselves and God through the indirect means of this state of consciousness and to pass on what they learned through indirect means. Fewer were able to achieve a state of consciousness in which direct commu¬nication was possible, to come to know themselves and God directly, and to pass on this learning through direct means. What I am saying is that it is not impossible for those who remain unaware of the new consciousness to come to know themselves and God, and to continue to pass their learning on indirectly, or through indirect communication and contrast. But this also means that the great majority will become aware of the new state of consciousness and that learning will pass through them directly through observation and direct communication or experience. It means that the last generation born into the time of the Holy Spirit will live out their lives and that soon all who remain on earth will be those born into the time of Christ.” (ACOL, T4:1.27)

There is a great promise hidden in the middle of the quotation for today. “But this also means that the great majority will become aware of the new state of consciousness. . .” Can Jesus really be saying that the great majority of us will reach Christ-consciousness in this lifetime? It is not entirely clear if he is speaking to us, his readers of A Course of Love, or of people in general. Certainly we might stand a better chance if we are reading ACOL, for its tenets clear away the mist before our eyes and allow our non-physical eyes to have true vision. We know how to prepare for Christ-consciousness. We know that Jesus has promised us that we all are having glimpses of Christ-consciousness, and some of this is unawares.

When we are particularly mellow, question whether or not this peace is a glimpse. It may very well be. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could feel this way all the time? We can. It is only heartbeat away, for time does not really exist. We live in an eternity, and we ought to be happy today. This is a paraphrase from an Eastern thought, inspired man. Let us take it to heart.

Soon the current generation will pass from this earth, and all here will have been born within the time of Christ. Sanaya Roman’s Orin says that vibrations are passing through our earth now, vibrations that weren’t present previously. And these vibrations make it easier to reach Christ-consciousness. Jesus does not say this in ACOL, but doesn’t it make sense? Energy is what the universe is composed of, and vibrations are energy. A finer and higher vibration will teach us much. Let’s embrace the idea today.

We can move toward Christ-consciousness ever so slightly by envisioning this eventuality. Envisioning is powerful stuff. Let’s spend a while in visualization today, and see what differences emerge in our lives. We may get a surprise.


As I take to heart the message of A Course of Love, I find my daily life improving. Things just keep getting better and better. I thank You for this phenomenon, and my inner Christ-Self, for the two of You, merged as one, do make quite a difference in what I experience when I turn to You.

Thank You for guiding my hand as I write. I am not conscious of channeling, but if this happens, I thank You. Be with me for the remainder of this good day. And thank You for the help you give to set aright anything that just seems to be wrong.