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“These are the first two axioms of The Way of the Heart, to be built on, to be remembered and to be cultivated daily:
“I am created as my Father created me to be. I am free. And nothing sources my experience but me in each moment. Nothing has an effect upon me whatsoever, save that which I choose to allow to affect me.
“I need do nothing.” (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Chapter 2, Page 20 – 21)

We are the source of our experience, what we have chosen comes to us. But this is not the personality, something that we know all too well, for bad things do happen, and we would be considered masochistic if we ask for those. Our Christ-Self, the soul, chooses for us, and its choices are informed by a merger with the God Who lives within each of us.

The second axiom, I need to nothing, is also given in A Course in Miracles. Now this doesn’t mean that we sit back and forever relax in a passive sense or a passive attitude. This means that we don’t “achieve” enlightenment by good works. In this The Way of Mastery (the Christ-Mind Trilogy) and A Course in Miracles are in line with St. Paul of the New Testament. We don’t “achieve” enlightenment at all; it is a gift of God when our mind and heart have been cleansed of the subconscious egoic misthought that has previously held us fast. When God reaches down to us and lifts us up to Christ-consciousness, we realize that we don’t “have” to do anything. Our will is free. We stay in the driver’s seat.

Our real will is identical with the will of the Holy Spirit. We often think that, like Jonah, we are being forced to go God’s way. But this is a misconception of what is actually happening. We are joyous only when we are aligned with that which brings joy, and we will eventually learn that that which brings us joy is God’s way.

Will/Potential Birth Power and the New

“Will activates potential. It is the greatest of all triggers. An activated will realizes that you are the carrier of all the potential that exists. An acti¬vated will releases the power that is potential. Remember potential is that which exists, that which is. It is not that which is not, not that which is in the future, not that which could come to be, but that which is.

“Potential is what you carry, as air carries sound, a stream water, a preg¬nant woman her child. You carry your potential to the place of its birth through an activated will, a will that is also carried within you. This merging of will and potential is the birth of your power and the birth of the new.” (ACOL, D:Day24.8 – Day24.9)

Will and potential: The present tense of what we are to do.

We need, first of all, to know that God’s will for us and our will for ourselves, our real will for ourselves, are identical. We want what He wants for us; He wants what we want. He will not support antagonism, attack, anger—but we don’t want those things either, not really. So we listen to our real will, and then we use perseverance to bring something front and center to ourselves. This is our power.

Our potential is not a future-tense concern. Our potential is in the being of who we are right now. Our potential is based on all talents and abilities we have in us. It is not wishful thinking, maybe we can do something. It is knowing that we can.

When we merge our will with our potential, nothing can stop us from creating anew. We have all power then. We are safely submerged in God’s universe, sure of ourselves and all that we can do. We await only a nod from Him about what those new doings will entail.

And then all is well.

Dear God,

I do know myself well enough to be certain that I want Your will to direct my life. I am absolutely certain that my real will and Your will for me are the same. This knowledge, and it is knowledge, gives me peace.

I am enticed by the idea of potential, but a potential that builds on all good things that have been inculcated in me over the years. My talents and abilities must be bent to Your will in creating the new.

This is my intention today, right now, always and forever.