Empowered Living

“The world is uncaused by anything, save the choices you have made as a free consciousness.  You have concocted the thought and then immersed yourself in that which reflects back to you what you have already decided to believe.  This means that The Way of Transformation is that way in which one becomes empowered, in every moment, to become fully responsible for clearly deciding what they will see and that they will not settle for anything less.”  (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 12, Page 147)

We determine what we will see and experience in this world by our own “free consciousness.”  What happens is based on what we believe is possible.  And if the belief is not there, the manifestation won’t be either.  When we fully engage our minds and hearts in what we wish to see, not taking “no” for an answer (unless we intuit that it is wrong for us), we are on the right track.   This quotation says it all:  We “clearly” decide what we will see and “will not settle for anything less.”

Knowing this is possible is a great blessing for us.  Of course, it is the law of attraction in operation.  The Way of Mastery, from which this quotation comes, is keen on manifestation, but it is manifestation that is aligned with our deepest nature.  If we get the nod from our interior that what we want is exactly right for us, then we have a great assurance that it WILL manifest.

On the other hand, if we can’t see, with our mind’s eye, the desired happening coming about, then it is time to reevaluate our goals.  Our options may include things that we haven’t thought about yet, and those options may be very, very good indeed.

Ask for direction in what we want.  Then we will best invoke the law of attraction.

Embrace the New Time

“You have felt this time coming. You have realized that your learning has reached an end point. The excitement of new learning is not lasting because it is not new. You have begun to see that all messages of the truth say the same thing but in different ways. There seems to be nothing new to be said, nothing to move you beyond this point that you have reached in your under¬standing of the truth. All the learning that you have done seems to leave you ready to change and able to change in certain ways that make life easier or more peaceful, but certainly not able to realize the transformation that your learning has seemed to promise.

“Do not accept this lack of fulfillment of a promise that has surely been made! Rejoice that the new time is here and be ready to embrace it as it embraces you!” (ACOL, T4:9.5 – 9.6)

Jesus is full of reassurances and promises in the quotation for today. He knows that we have reached an end point in our learning, an end point in our seeking. We have sought long and hard in the learned wisdom of the ages, and our habit of seeking has a tendency to stay with us. But we are to turn aside from this habit, not in resistance (which would make the habit stronger), but just in a gentle shift away from it. We are in a new time now. We are in the time of Christ. And that makes all things better.

Why did we seek so long and hard? We were dissatisfied with what we had been taught, and we thought we needed to strike out on our own. We especially sought channeled works, as these seemed to be evidence of a life on the Other Side, and evidence of greater knowledge on the part of those channeling.

Whether or not there was greater knowledge is debatable, but surely we can believe that there is in the case of Jesus’s channeled writings. Many of us believe that A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, and The Way of Mastery are his latest pronouncements to us. Many read my blog who don’t believe that Jesus is the channeler, but they still believe that the understanding in the quotations is genuine. All of this does not matter, but Jesus has indicated that we will get so much more out of what we are reading if we believe that he is the source, that we accept him as the one leading us out of the abyss.

Turn to our inner Self today. That is the source of guidance, the part of us that is part of God. Try to believe, even for a moment, that this turning inward will solve all our problems. New ones may crop up, but these too will be solved when we take an inward glance.

Be willing today to take that inward glance.


I turn to You in five minutes of sitting quietly. And this sets me on the right track for my day. Sometimes I want to return to another five minutes, or I want to extend the five minutes to the more normal twenty. It does not matter. Whatever works to lead me back to You is what I want to do.

Help me to have peace in my world today. May I seek You whenever and wherever that peace is threatened. Thank You for always, always and only, being here for me.