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Jesus’s Embrace

1 – The Well-Known Passage from ACOL

“[This treatise] will continue the view from within the embrace, an embrace and a view that is inclusive of all. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: A Treatise on the New, 1.1)”

2 – Beautiful

The passage immediately above refers to one of the most beautiful (and beautifully written) passages in the first volume of A Course of Love. The “embrace” in that first volume was an invitation from Jesus to come into his arms, and to be at peace and at rest. He recognized then that many (maybe all) of us are tired from seeking, and that the ways of this world have taken their toll on us. He would have to rest awhile in the embrace, to feel his loving presence, to know that all is well.

3 – Jesus

The embrace in ACOL is essentially an assertion that Jesus is there for us when times are tough.
A Course in Miracles is to the mind what A Course of Love is to the heart. We are bade elsewhere to live in “wholeheartedness,” a combining of the mind and heart in Jesus’s loving embrace. He never leaves us comfortless. In Matthew, in the Sermon on the Mount, we too see this quality in Jesus. His reassurances are comforting in the extreme.

4 – ACIM

Jesus says in A Course in Miracles that he will come to us in response to “one unequivocal call.” He says the same thing, in different words, in several places in the Text of ACIM. We are told at one point to think of us holding his hand, and encouraged to realize that this will be “no idle fantasy.”

5 – Comprehend?

Now we do not understand how we can hold Jesus’s hand, nor how we can embrace him. But he seems to be recommending that we think of his physical self in our imagination. And, as Joan of Arc said, God speaks to us in our imagination. And I do not mean “fantasies.” Our imagination, informed by the Holy Spirit, can be good and true. Fantasies, on the other hand—especially “idle fantasy”—is discouraged by Jesus in A Course in Miracles.

6 – All Are Included

Note that the passage from ACOL emphasizes that all are included in the embrace. Jesus will soon say that “all are chosen.” This is a reemphasis of the statement in A Course in Miracles, a statement that became book titles for Kenneth Wapnick, a scholar and student/teacher of A Course in Miracles. Ken wrote books entitled, All Are Chosen, and Few Choose to Listen, quoting ACIM. I think that Jesus is saying in A Course of Love that all are chosen, and not only that, but perhaps we might imagine that those of us who are reading his words in A Course of Love do “choose to listen.” May we choose to listen aright, no longer letting the ego rule our lives.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I rest awhile in the warmth of Jesus’s embrace. May I know that this embrace is always there for me, to give me comfort and solace. This world bears heavily on us, sometimes, despite our best efforts. Thank You for the words of Jesus that what he offers is the rest and safety that we all need.

May I learn today what it is like to walk a path close to Jesus, to have him walk beside me as I hold his hand. May my imagination kick into high gear as the concepts overwhelm me. This is a joyous way to walk, leaving nothing out that we need, knowing that our needs are being met by the companionship of our teacher and our leader.

Thank You for being there for us. May I never forget that prayers to You give my day a greater benefit not only to myself, but to my brothers and sisters also. May I be alert to the guidance that is there for the taking. May I listen for the unheard, but felt, whispers of the heart–of the wholeheartedness–that tell me what to say or do next.