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  1. Daily reflection 7-9-2015
    From A Course of Love, C:27.2 There is no being alive and being dead, being human or being divine. There is only being. Being is.
    In fact when there is no in between you are what you are as a being manifested through being human and divine. Being is something that is not forced upon one’s soul because it defines who and what you as your Identity. As I reflect upon this how many times in your own life have I felt separated where both the divine and human did not make sense because I allowed myself and not accepted me as being? Being is the totality of everything that makes you you. Also, is the part of the original makeup which is the body and spirit whole divine and interconnected at all time. When I forget this part of who I am then I am not being fully connected to my inner self which is BEING at the deepest darkest level. So I am neither dead nor alive and not a human or divine then the only thing I can do is appreciate the fact and be willing to fully embrace who I am that includes good, bad, indifferent the all in all the everything not separate only whole. Being is the inseparable feeling when I know everything is connected through both the divine and human and relationship where there is a KNOWING that is exactly what it is BEING.
    As I go about my day today am I willing to connect with who and what I or will I deny that part of me that is the being that my creator allows me to connect through my relationships on a daily basis. If I forget to connect to being how will I connect back to the part of me that simple is. When looking at being I get a sense that it true acceptance, a willingness to look at who I and what I am as building an identity. If I want acceptance of my being how do I accomplish it? By doing NOTHING in fact when I sit down in complete stillness that is when I know I am fully capable of acknowledging who and what I am as BEING.
    Question for building awareness.
    How can I feel the sense of who am I as a being? If any challenges arise how can my being accomplish its goal to love. If I feel fearful can I stop and acknowledge who I am in complete stillness. IF being is then I already exist where nothing else and nothing more is required. Today I pray that I feel and acknowledge who I am as a beautiful magnificent being as a child of god. I pray that I can look within to feel the interior of my soul as being. I am a being capable of loving myself unconditionally where instinctively I know I exist right here and now. No more demands are made upon I just am Being.
    I AM BEING repeat this idea several times and let it penetrate your Identity through both the divine and human coming together beautifully as existence.
    Brett L

  2. From A Course of Love,Quote of the day C:26.26 Being whole is being present. Being whole is being all you are.
    WOW how beautiful this quote is What does the word Being present mean to you and how can you truly identify with who and what you are as your Identity in being with Relationships and Union through your Being present?
    Well the word Being is such a beautiful expression of my Idenitity through Christ Conciousness because it tells me quite beautifully that I am a being full of love , have a desire to belong in relationship to my self and Union. Being should be perfect, beautiful magnifcent creative where the divine and the human are interconneted. When my heart is fully wholehearted then I am present to life and can bear witness to the world in love of self through relationship and being. Such a beautiful way of expression. To answer LOVE call what I am doing to being being whole today as being present? If not , what is preventing one to gain full acceptance and surrender of this being present? Am I listen to the voice of my Identity through Christ Conciousness that tells me directly that I am a perfect whole and a creative being. What is one thing that I can identify that makes me a whole being full present that I can do today that allows me to live a full life as Chapter 26 states.
    As a beautiful example of our dear Brother Ivor Sowtor who is smiling completely in being present truly he was being whole by being present may I take his example in my own life and carry the message of ACOL and devotion of being a Abassador for Christ. Truly inspired by the full life of Ivor Sowtor .May his soul rest in peace of being a truly inspired being present in a full life. Peace, love and hugs. Brett

    Here is July 8 daily reflection
    Daily Reflection
    From A Course of Love, C:27.1 Being is. As love is.
    As a being it is what it is. Nothing more or less is requried to know this it just is. Can I bring my being in my relationships today as Love flows through me as a creative being that is beautiful magnificent. Can I allow my being to love myself and others? How can I bring being into my internal world when I sometimes do not feel it, embrace it and just be. If I am fully capable of LOVE as being then I accept the present moment of my being without force. So, what can I do today to bring inner peace to the my being as love is? Love and being can not be force they just are. What are some thing that tell me my being exist just like love exist because it is. Mediate on this for at least five minutes in the recess of your heart by quieting your mind, spirit and soul let this thought permeate who and what you are . Let the your Being of love shine through into the world through your relationship and unity of being .

  3. DAILY REFLECTION 7/13/2015

    A Course of Love P:37 is so Here is the daily reflection

    Yet each of you holds within you the power to reach heaven.
    knowing yourself as who you are really are is the only thing that will allow you to quit fearing your power.
    Jesus accept his power and brought the power of heaven to earth.
    This is what the christ in you can teach you to do . This is miracle mindedness. This is love.

    Wow reflecting on these words by reading the prelude is powerful.




  4. Daily Reflection 7/20/2015 of A Course of Love C:29.5
    Here is the quote for today
    Wholeheartedness is unity regained.

    WOW what a beautiful quote one that once realized the course will become a a reality of living, being and thriving from the heart center. As I reflect on this quote I am picturing a fountain that is rushing forth by bringing rays of eternal love . You see each sprinkle that you hear is being rushed back to the heart center of being. This is ultimately goal of A Course of LOVE is to seek by discovering the inner heart toward identity through Christ Consciousness which is love, unity and relationship. Wholeheartedness is living through the center of the heart. Living honestly, like the sprinkles of the water fountain gushing forth in a circular motion continuing and continuing bringing in love in and through out as a wholehearted unified Child of GOD. Wholeheartedness is living from the heart center honestly with grace and to develop an inner knowing of an identity of being oneness with all . Since , we are unified through Christ consciousness which is love. We are accomplished through these two things wholeheartedness which is where unity comes rushing back into the heart center of love, being and relationship where I gain love’s awareness through unity. Wholeheartedness is this eternal fountain of love essence which intimately tells me that I connected to everything the ALL in ALL the great I am.

    Questions to ponder
    What is wholeheartedness to you? Which part of this internal fountain of being am I ? Which part do I play in the continuing cycle of unity is present. Today I will remember that rushing water fountain is every present every day of my life.
    How will that water refresh my soul today? Which part do I need to cleanse to make whole again? Which part do I need to do grab and hold on to continue that everlasting flow of the the internal fountain of love inside of me?

    I am a whole pure centered being that is loved unconditionally within the Unity of all life. I am the fountain of eternal life, my part is to be internally wholeheartedness which is unity through relationship of being. Wholeheartedness is allowing that internal knowing to lead me to wholeheartedness by connecting with this fountain of eternal life today and every day.

    Love always ,

    1. Roan Simonson

      Thank you so much Brett. Love these from you every morning. The first thought for me, was I need to experience Unity more by letting people in more. It is a circle to me. Coming in, going out inside of me. I guess like the fountain image 🙂 Thank you

      1. Yes, Ro exactly thank you for commenting. That is the image that I wanted us to see from the reading. You see we are the beautiful fountain ever expanding to love call and the only way that we experience it is through unity and relationship of being.Thanks so much .i appreciate your feedback. Thanks

  5. Daily reflection 7/21/2015

    From A Course of Love, C:29.20 Choose anew and let the power of heaven come together to seal the rift between your mind and heart, and make you whole once again.

    WOW as we continue in Chapter29 Attention we are given a gift a simplicity of bring our attention to our being and the we have the power of heaven as the key to the the network between our heart and minds . We all have the power of choice and that is what is vitally important because choice is where our true freedom lives and heaven is in my midst. When I chose to surrender to this life and return to love my own life and existence in oneness only gets better and more surrounded by love eternal call for love in my heart and mind. I think as a power of choice we have freedom and when we begin to completely surrender to choice we gain heaven calling. One has to come completely wholehearted when one truly knows wholeheartedness then heaven awaits them to peace of mind, joy, happiness and surrender to the moment. The power of heaven is in holding that gift and realize that it is all in the rift that holds your heart and mind connected. Nothing else is required in this present moment. True freedom lies in the power of CHOICE. We all have a beautiful opportunity to gain that freedom of choice right now in this moment is all that you have to exist.

    Questions and affirmations
    How many times in my own life have my mind and heart not been wholehearted? How would it feel to experience heaven is all of its glory? Do I want heaven or hell and allow the power of experiencing heaven to heal my heart from division? What is one way that I can follow my heart and mind today to know that when this power of choice? When it will come will have the attention to know that I am taken care of no forces only the power of loves call? How many times in my own life has the universal love allowed me to start over and gain heaven in my heart and mind.

    Heaven call quietly touches one on the shoulder and says here is the answer to all of your troubles, care, concern, overwhelming feelings and emotions and all I want you to do is SURRENDER TO THE CALL OF LOVE MOMENT. This moment release them because ultimately heaven awaits you in who and what you are. Your heart will know in this beautiful moment that you are healed and feel the divine and human within. You are loved my people and are called to heaven. Bask in this love because this is truly what you are LOVE calling you to heavens gates. Open the mind and heart and see heaven ultimately unfolding before your eyes.

    I am allowed to feel heaven calling all I have to do is have the attention to know , feel , accept and surrender to the gates of heaven to feel that I am home in love embrace.

    Love brett

  6. I read Day 8 and this thought really gets a gold star in my book. Love to all of you.
    Here a God Inspired quote:

    Day8.8 All power to effect change comes from acceptance—not acceptance of the way things are, but acceptance of who you are in the present. Not through acceptance of the way you want to be but of the way you are now.
    Wow this thought is powerful because the only way that acceptance of the present moment is all I have and once accepted fully then I nothing nothing can have power or affect me in any way shape or form. That is why we are all a work in progess not perfection. So, today as I sit on the mountaintop and savor the present moment and my acceptance of it. WOW so beautiful to just know this powerful thought in the new way of life.

    All peace, serenity and joy are in the present moment and it is all mine forthe taking to savor inside of my divine and human spirit. When I am not in peace and serenity than by all means I have not accepted what is in front of me. The present is all there is of my being. Today I am reminded that I can not force and test myself I just have to know that there is a power of the present moment in true acceptance.

    Love hugs and peace

  7. A Course of Love Daily Quote
    From A Course of Love, C:1.15 This is what you have made this world for: to prove your separate existence in a world apart from your Creator. This world does not exist. And you do not exist apart from your Creator. Your yearning for love is what tells you this is so. It is the proof you do not recognize.

  8. A Course of Love Daily Quote
    From A Course of Love, C:1.16 What could cause you to yearn for love in a loveless world? By what means do you continue to recognize that love is at the heart of all things even while it is not valued here? Here is a fine example that means and end are the same. For love is what you are as well as what you strive for. Love is means and end.

  9. A Course of Love Daily Quote
    From A Course of Love, C:2.5 If love cannot be taught but only recognized, how is this recognition made possible? Through love’s effects. For cause and effect are one. Creation is love’s effect, as are you.

  10. Just happened to stop by here. Hello. I was revisiting a song I started to write fifteen or twenty years ago that I titled “Leap of Faith”. I was trying to complete some of my old written stuff but I couldn’t remember the ACIM point I was making back then. I googled and got to this site and discovered that ACOL was created somewhere along the way. Hmmm.

    I started studying ACIM in the 80’s, got to where I had to move on after about 12-15 years but I was wondering if anyone was aware of the book Journey Beyond Words by Brett Haskell. Haskell claimed to channel the same entity Helen Schucman named Jesus and that he named Jeshua.
    I loved the book “journey..”and it’s secondary perspective on the Course but ACIM struck me as being densely complicated enough to hold my attention and force me to stay focused while the simpler prose of Journey..,even though It was wonderful, did not stick. I never took the names Jesus, God, son of God, all of the christian references too seriously and always saw terms such as Holy Spirit, atonement, special relationship and so on as metaphoric. I always embraced the idea that the “nature of spirit is abstraction”. Give it a name or words and you have gone off track, that “words are symbols of symbols” thing in the manual. Anyway, I see that folks are still at it and that the themes of ACIM have expanded. Good going.

  11. From The Creation of the New pg 13. Mari Peron writes,
    “The new is that which is always fresh and surprising – the burning Cause of Hope alive within the heart when no cause is left for hope, the light of a flame darkness what conceals. The new is that which still brings the twinkle and tear to the eye. This bemusement, wonder and curiosity is the hidden Cause of life, it’s meaning and purpose, sensed with the faculty that has no name; the sense that knows what physical cannot see. This is the non physical joining the physical.”

    This is a perfect beginning for all of us to realize the true demension of the heart is that bewilderment wonder and curiosity of the NEW. This is truly the gift of the New and essence of ARE WE READY YET? This statement really helps ME to understand the causality of life as we know it. Are we ready yes and this is what I truly look forward to is the


  12. A Course of Love Daily Quote
    From A Course of Love, C:8.2 This curriculum aims to help you see that your emotions are not the real thoughts of your heart. What other language might your heart speak? It is a language spoken so quietly and with such gentleness that those who cannot come to stillness know it not. The language of your heart is the language of communion.

  13. A Course of Love Daily Quote
    From A Course of Love, C:16.26 There is no “common good” as you perceive of it, and you are not here to assure the continuance of society. The worries that would occupy you can be let go if you but work instead for the return of heaven and the return of your own Self.

  14. ACOL Quote of the Day 3/28/2017
    Power is possessed by those who claim it. By those who cry I am. For the beginning of power comes from the rejection of powerlessness. The rejection of powerlessness is but a step toward your identity achieved through the awakening of love of Self. C:16.21

  15. ACOL Quote of the Day 3/30/2017
    If you cannot claim at least a small amount of love for your own Self, then neither can you claim your power, for they go hand-in-hand. C:16.26

    Such truth as we go down the Rabbit hole in finding truth, power, grace and LOVE. We are love!!!! Thank you Spirit for the gift of power and love. Yes, they do go hand and hand in so many varied myriad ways. Can you identify some ways that has expanded your True Self where both Love and Power complimented each other?

    Let’s have a dialogue…. ” Listen and you will hear.” A.38

  16. ACOL Quotes of the Day 3/31/2017
    There is no “common good” as you perceive of it, and you are not here to assure the continuance of society. The worries that would occupy you can be let go if you but work instead for the return of heaven and the return of your own Self. C:16.26

    1. ACOL Quote of the Day for 4/1/2017
      Being who you are is no luxury reserved for the idle rich, or the very young or old. Being who you are is necessary for the completion of the universe. C:17.1

  17. ACOL Quote of the Day for 4/2/2017
    What is fearful about the unknown is simply that it is unknown. Coming to know what previously unknown to you can remove the fear, if you will let it. C:17.3

  18. ACOL Quote of the day for 4/3/2017
    Consciousness of which you are unaware is not magic, superstition, or insanity. Yet you shield yourself from knowledge of it as if it would change the nature of the universe itself. C: 17.4

  19. ACOL Quote of the Day for 4/4/2017
    Sin is simply the belief that correction cannot be made. This is the mistake that has happened in creation. This is how the impossible has become possible. If you were not so determined to believe correction cannot be made, correction would have occurred. This is the original error that is so in need of correction: your belief in sin—or in other words, your belief that what you have chosen is not reversible. C:17.10

  20. ACOL Quote of the Day for 4/5/2017
    Love’s gifts are gifts of creation or extension, gifts you have both given and received. C:17.14

    A beautiful quote with a knowing that brings the mind into Communion with the heart. This is only revealed through the bridging of the human and divine allowing the heart gift of Wholeheartedness to be the moving shift to the Creation of the New. This is what I feel and resonate with this gift that one can never take for granted because it is the Loving what is at the maximum level. Think when I was exposed to the gift of giving and receiving I was actually shocked or in disbelief. But when I put two and two together that is the MIRACLE that says, does, feels and the being that allow the joining of the heart to come together in a beautiful space of the NOW.

  21. ACOL Quote of the Day for 4/6/2017
    Forgiveness, which replaces judgment, must come from your heart. To forgive based on the logic of your mind rather than the compassion of your heart is to only give thought to forgiveness. C:17.16

    1. ACOL Quote of the Day 4/8/2017
      You have not fallen from unity. You have not fallen from God. (C:18.4)

      Another beautiful quote that signifies that God and Self are one so God has never left us. Therefore we are wholehearted. Nothing more than that. Does that bring satisfaction and purpose to who and what we truly are.

  22. ACOL QUOTE OF THE DAY 4/9/2017

    …Integration of mind and heart must be our goal in order for you to create the state
    in which unity can be experienced. Obviously, this is up to you. C:18.15

  23. ACOL Quote of the day for 4/12/2017
    The transformation from a state of separation to a state of unity is a miracle indeed,for this transformation requires recognition of a state that you cannot recognize in separation. While this is a paradox, it is not impossible for the simple reason that you never left the state of unity that you do not recognize.

  24. ACOL Quote of the day for 4/13/2017
    Unifying thought is more than a matter of focus or single-mindedness, although these are both steps in the right direction. Unifying thought is also a matter of integrating the thought or language of your heart with that which you more naturally perceive as thought, the words and images that “go through” your mind. C:18.20

    1. ACOL Quote of the Day for 4/15/2017
      Philosophy applies thought to mystery and that is why philosophy becomes such a muddle of words. It is difficult for you to accept that what you most need to know cannot be achieved through the same methods you have used in order to know about other things.

  25. ACOL Quote of the Day 4/16/2017
    Happy Easter

    To think without thought or know without words are ideas quite foreign to you, andtruly, while you remain here, even experiences beyond thoughts and words you will applyword and thought to. Yet love has often brought you close to a “thought-less” and
    “word-less” state of being, and it can do so again.C:19.16

  26. ACOL Quote of the Day for 04/20/2017

    Your longing now has reached a fever pitch, a burning in your heart quite different from that which you have felt before. Your heart may even feel as if it is stretching outward, straining heavenward, near to bursting with its desire for union, a desire you do not understand by can surely feel. C:20.1

  27. ACOL Quote of the Day 4/22/2017
    You have given up the vision of your eyes and the “I” of your ego. You are loosed of bounds, no longer a thing of beauty, but beauty itself. C:20.3

    “Thingness” is over, and your identity no longer stands in form but flows from life itself. Your beauty is the gathering of the atoms, the order in chaos, the silence in solitude, the grace of the cosmos. Our heart is the light of the world.C:20.4

  28. ACOL Quote of the Day
    Chpt. 20 The Embrace

    We are one heart. C:20.5

    We are one mind. One creative force gathering the atoms, establishing the order, blessing the silence, gracing the cosmos, manifesting the light of the heart. Here we live as one body, experiencing communion, the soul’s delight…. C:20.6

  29. ACOL Quote of the Day 4/27/2017
    Chapter 20: The Embrace
    There is no longer cause for alienation, nor for the feeling of abandonment so many of you have felt. You are now within the embrace where all such hurts are healed. C:20.16

  30. ACOL Quote of the Day 04/28/2017
    Chapter 20: The Embrace
    Have you never felt as if you would wrap your arms around the world and bring it comfort if you could? This you can do. Not with physical arms, but with the arms of love. C:20.19

  31. ACOL Quote of the Day for 5/1/2017
    Chapt 20: The Embrace
    Let your heart remember that you are holy and that the world is sacred. A thousand things can pull you from your remembrance. Forgetting “things” can free you to remember. C: 20.23

    Such a beautiful thing to consider these words. Take some time to feel and savor these words and look around you and see what your heart is communicating to you through them. Then share your experiences.

  32. ACOL Quote of the Day 5/3/2017
    Chapter 20 The Embrace
    Thankfulness is the nature of your being. It could not be otherwise when awe and magnificence encompass you in the embrace. Your heart sings in gratitude for the all that you are. You are the beauty of the world and peace abides within you.

  33. ACOL Quote of the Day for 5/9/2017
    Chapter 20 The Embrace
    Expressions of love are as innumerable as the stars in the universe, as bountiful as beauty, as many-faceted as the gems of the earth. C:20.30

  34. ACOL Quote of the Day 5/10/2017
    Chapter 20: The Embrace
    Sameness is not a sentence to mediocrity or uniformity. You are a unique expression of the selfsame love that exists in all creation. Thus your expression of love is as unique as your Self. It is in the cooperation between unique expressions of love that creation continues and miracles become natural occurrences. C: 20.30

  35. ACOL Quote of the Day 5/13/2017
    Chapter 20: The Embrace
    Hope is a manner of acting as if the best possible outcome you can imagine could truly occur. Hope is a willingness to accept love and the grace and cooperation that flow from love. Hope is a willingness to ask for help, believing it will come. Hope is the reason and the outcome for which we pray. C:20.38

  36. ACOL Quote of the day 5/15/2017
    Chapter 20: The Embrace
    You would not be other than who you are. Herein lie your peace and your perfection. If you would not be other than you are, then you must be perfect. This is a conclusion both logical to the mind and believable to the heart, and its acceptance is a step toward wholeheartedness.C:20.42

  37. Happy Mothers Day to All mothers in our group. May it be a blessing celebration.

    ACOL Quote of the Day 5/14/2017
    Chapter 20: The Embrace
    What you each have been given is that which will serve your purpose. You could have no more perfect gifts, for your gifts are expressions of your Father’s perfect love for you. Look deep inside and feel your heart’s gladness. Your construction was no mistake. You are not flawed. You are not wanting. You would not be other than you are except when you give into making judgements. Look deeply and you will see that what you would call your imperfections are as chosen and as dear to you as all the rest. C:20.41

    Such a powerful quote. This quote frees one from the pain of non-acceptance of who and what you are as spirit. This brings up how the learning of our growing up had so much to do with a forgiveness to realize that it just a time of unlearning to begin again towards the new. Especially in the last line of the quote ” Look deeply and you will see that what you would call your imperfections are as chosen and as dear to you as all the rest.” Powerful in and of its self. It allows me to see in the end “I am as God Created me to be.” With these thoughts “I dedicate all thoughts to union.”

    In your own quiet time with your the inner chamber of the heart. Think about what this tells you and then let the heart tell you as directing you to find the answers in your own heart.

    Peace, love and hugs
    Brett L

  38. ACOL Quote of the Day 5/16/2017
    Chapter 20: The Embrace
    When you change your actions from those of resistance and use to those of being willing to serve and be served, it will assist not only you and your peacefulness, but will bring peacefulness to the world as well. C:20.45

  39. ACOL Quote of the Day 5/18/2017
    Chapter 20 The Embrace

    Your heart has a different scope, a different view. It is the view from within the
    embrace, the view from love’s angle. It is the view of the dying who realize nothing matters
    but love. This realization is not one of sentiment, regrets, or wishful thinking. It is the viewfrom the embrace, the return to one heartbeat, the return to what is known. This knowingyou might call wisdom and think of as an attainable ideal of thought. Yet it is not about
    thought at all, but is beyond thought. It is not wisdom but the truth.C:20.48

  40. ACOL Quote of the Day 5/20/2017
    You might imagine three paths—one path representing mind, one path representing
    heart, and one path representing wholeheartedness. The path of neither mind nor heart alone will take you where the path of unity will take you, and the journey will not be the

  41. ACOL Quote of the Day 5/21/2017
    Chapter 22 The Intersection
    When you remove yourself from the self-held position of “meaning-giver,” you let things be what they are and, allowed to be what they are, their meaning is naturally revealed. C:22.15

  42. ACOL Quote of the Day 5/22/2017
    Chapter 23: The Freedom of the Body

    Knowing and love are inseparable. When this is realized, it is obvious that love is the only true wisdom, the only true understanding, the only true knowing. Love is the greatest teacher. And your loving relationships that means of learning love. C:23.1

  43. A Course Of Love Quote of the day 5/26/2017
    Chapter 23 : Freedom from the Body
    No matter how much you grow to love another, that love does not cause you to want
    to be the other person. That love causes you to want to have a relationship with the other
    person. This should tell you something about the nature of love.

  44. A Course of Love Quote of the Day
    Chapter 23: The Freedom of the Body
    Sorry, some words are not italicized as in the text. The format is not good. Sorry.
    When obsessively in love you may want the other person to be you, but rarely the other way around. This is caused you to make God over in your very own image and to try to do the same to others. This comes of seeing oneself as an image rather than as being existing in relationship. This comes from ego rather than from the true Self. C:23.8
    Such a powerful statement by Jesus to direct one heart into dealing with love and obsession. I think this might have answered all the questions that were proposed with the other quote from C:23.7.
    A part of was left out in the quote was the first sentence “Let me remind you of a key learning and discuss some pages back: You would not be other than you are.”

  45. ACOL Quote of the Day 5/30/2017
    Chapter 23: Freedom from the Body
    You have no capabilities that do not serve you, because they were created to serve
    you. The ability to imagine is such a capability, freely and equally given to all. Imagination is linked to true vision, for it exercises the combined capabilities of mind and heart.

  46. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/3/2017
    Chapter 23 The Freedom of the Body

    How can you become a master of what another would teach? Of lessons another
    would select? Your life must become your teacher, and you its devoted pupil. Here is a curriculum designed specifically for you, a curriculum only you can master.C:23.29

  47. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/7/2017
    Chapter 24 The Time of Tenderness
    Where you learned to hate, you will learn to love. Where you learned to fear, you will learn safety. Where you learned to distrust, you will learn trust. And each learning experience will be a learning experience because it will touch your heart. C:24.1

    This is one of my favorite quotes. I am going through this right now. Thanks for support and encouragement.

  48. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/12/2017
    Chapter 25: Devotion as a Type of Participation

    You may also notice a growth in your desire to take credit for what you have created, and a desire to create anew. At this stage, this desire will come from a feeling of needing to reassert the self. This need will arise as you realize that you can take no credit for your life. Waiting to take credit is of the ego, and at this stage the desire to create may be linked with ego as well. Your personal self will be looking for a place in which to reside. It will be looking for identity. It will want to say: “This is who I am.” This is an exciting sign, for it means the old identity is losing hold. Be patient during this time, and your new identity will emerge. If the urge to create is strong, certainly let it serve you. But do not seek for praise or acknowledgment of your creations at this time. You will soon realize that creation is not of, or for, the personal self.

  49. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/13/2017
    Chapter 25: Devotion as a type of Participation

    This will be a time of discernment. You may feel it as a time of decision making but less you attempt to make conscious decisions the quicker your unlearning will take place and the lessons of discernment occur. Discernment is needed only until you are better able to comprehend the whole. Comprehension of the whole is aided in a return to wholeness of the Self. Until wholeness of the Self is complete, discernment is necessary.

  50. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/15/17
    Chapter 25 Devotion as a Type of Participation
    When action is seen to be necessary, this is exactly when a time of stillness is needed. You might think of this time of stillness as a time of consulting with your new identity. Simply sitting quietly, and posing the question or concern that is in need of appropriate action will suffice. When an answer comes to you, acknowledge that it is an answer from your new identity and express appreciation for it. While you will at times doubt that you have received an answer or that the answer you have received is correct, you will soon learn to trust this quiet process of discernment. You will know you have succeeded when you truly feel as if you have “turned the question or concern over” and allowed it to be responded to in a new way. C:25.23

  51. A Course of Love Quote of the day 6/16/2017
    Chapter 25: Devotion as a Type of Participation

    When you are guided to act in ways that are contrary to usual patterns of action you have taken in the past, you will often meet resistance. Try to be lighthearted at such times and to remember that if it “doesn’t matter,” you might as well try the new way. Remind yourself that you have nothing to lose. You will soon learn that this is so. You will also soon realize why this time of engagement with life is necessary. Experience is necessary to complete the cycle of unlearning and learning.C:25.24

  52. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/18/2017
    Chapter 26 The Full Life
    You who have so sought happiness without finding it, rejoice. It is not lost. It does not require you to define it or put a name to it before it can be yours. C:26.11

  53. A Course of Love Quote of the day 6/19/2018
    Chapter 26
    And have you not become impatient with advice, with teachers and with courses of study? Have you not felt at the limit of your patience with instruction? Have you not felt the call to live growing stronger in you by the day? Are you not anxious to say: “Tell me what to do and I will do it?” Are you not ready for certainty above all else? Are you not ready to be done with studying and to begin with living? Have you not become increasingly convinced that you have not been living, and wondered what it is you have been doing? Have you not grown weary of what passes for life in your world? Have you not wished you could throw out all the thoughts and worries that fill your mind and begin anew? C:26.12

  54. A Course of Love Quote of the day 6/20/2017
    Chapter 26 The Full Life
    This Course is but a trigger. These words the prelude to the explosion. It is as if you have been waiting for someone to whisper: Now! The whisper has come. The time is now. C:26.15

  55. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/21/2017
    Chapter 26: The Full Life

    Can you let the worries of today leave your mind? Can you let the disappointments of yesterday go and be no more? Can you let the planning for the future cease? Can you be still and know your Self? C:26.16

  56. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/22/2017
    Chapter 26: The Full Life

    It requires no new plans. It asks not that you make any decisions. It asks not that you do anything new. This is an invitation from love to love. It asks only that you be open and allow giving and receiving as one to take place. It asks only that you be unoccupied with the old so that the new may arrive. It asks only that you listen to your heart and let your Self be heard.C:26.19

  57. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/23/201
    Chapter 26: The Full Life
    There is no mold, no form, no stock answer. This is why all answers have disappointed you in the past. Your answer is not the same as any other. No matter how filled with wisdom one person’s answer may be, it is not yours. C:26.20

  58. A Course Of Love Quote of the Day 6/24/2017
    Chapter 26 The Full Life

    You are a thought of a God. An idea. This thought, or idea, is what you seek. It can
    be found only at its source. Its source is love, and its location is your own heart.C:26.22

  59. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/26/2017
    Chapter 26 The Full Life
    This does not need to be understood, but only accepted to the extent you can accept it. This is necessary because of your reliance on a God who is “other” than you for the provision of your answers. Acceptance of your birth in unison with God’s idea of you is acceptance of your Self as co-creator of the pattern of the universe, acceptance of the idea or the story that is you. Can you not see that you were birthed into a place in the pattern of God’s creation? Or that you not only can know but have always known of this place? C:26.23

  60. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/27/2017
    Chapter 26: The Full Life

    This is not a place of physical form but a place of holiness, an integral place in the pattern that is oneness with God. It is a place you have never left but that you long for, believing that you know it not. Your life here is much like a search for your story. Where will this chapter lead? What will the end be like? Was one event a mistake and another a blessing in disguise? You seek to know your story’s table of contents, or at least a brief outline. Where does your life fit in the larger picture? And yet, you realize that—like reading a story—when the end is reached and all is known, the story is over except in memory and reflection and perhaps in speculation. What might a sequel reveal? C:26.24

  61. Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/28/2017
    Chapter 26 The Full Life

    This viewing of your life as a story is what you do. You spend each day in review or speculation. What has happened and what will happen next? You attempt to rewrite previous chapters and to cast all the parts and plan all the events of the next. This is, in effect, your attempt to control what you do not believe you created, and what you feel deprived of creating. As a being birthed by a thought of God, you grew simultaneously with God’s thought. You knew your place in the pattern of creation from the outset. A full life is quite simply a fulfillment of that thought and that pattern. The only way to know it is to think it once again. The only way to think it once again is to be wholehearted, for a split mind and heart do not think clearly.

  62. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/29/2017
    Chapter 26: The Full Life

    Being whole is being present. Being whole is being all you are. Being whole is being present as all you are. When this occurs you are All in All, One in being with your Father.

  63. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 6/30/2017
    Chapter 26: The Full Life

    I fulfilled my story, my pattern, the idea of me that came from the thought of God. In doing so, I restored unity, oneness with God. I ushered in the new way that you are now longing to adopt. I ushered in a time of being.

    Jesus is real reason why we are here to be in relationship with our Self to Love who and what we are meant to be. It is only thorough understanding and gaining the power to be one with him holy, divine and human then we gan access to the Idenity that is Ourselves. The heart allows us to gain that access is so many beautiful and fruitful ways. May God Bless you fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

  64. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 3/2017
    Chapter 27: Being
    Part of the Time of Tenderness

    Yet being, like love, is in relationship. Thus, your purpose here, rather than being one of finding meaning, is one of coming to know through relationship. It is in coming to know through relationship that you come to know your Self. C:27.3

  65. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 7/4/2017
    Chapter 27: Being
    Part of the Time of Tenderness

    The purpose of this Course has been stated in many ways and is stated again here: The purpose of this Course is to establish your idenity. The importance of this purpose cannot be underestimated. Let us address the question of why this is so important. C:27.4

    A key component of the Course is this whoosh to understand who and what you are and by establishing that one can become apart of a whole that nothing can destroy. Favoring this idenity is Paramount in establishing love. Love can not be learned but the process when idenity is sought something happens one can Life a better perspective which leads ultimately what T1:3.10 states so beautifully “… willingness does not require conviction but leads to conviction.” Happy Independence Day and let this day remind of our own conviction to our Independence that can only come from the process of identifying who and what we are. In celebrating that freedom allow yourself to feel that inner movement to what our purpose is love.

  66. Course of Love Quote of the Day 7/7/2017
    Chapter 27 Being
    Part of The Time of Tenderness

    Life is not a matter of self versus other. Life is a matter of relationship. Life is not a matter of human versus divine, but a matter of relationship between the human and the divine. Life is not a matter of one living thing versus another, but of the relationship between
    all living things. C:27.7

  67. A Course of Love Quote of the day 7/8/2017
    Chapter 27 Being
    Part of the Time of Tenderness

    Just as you can look about and see that no two bodies on this earth are exactly the same, the Self you are is a unique Self. A Self of relationship does not imply a Self that isthe same as all the rest. But it does imply a Self that is integral to all the rest.

  68. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 7/08/2017
    Chapter 27: Being
    Part of the Time of Tenderness

    You matter, and you matter as an interactive part of the relationship that is life. You are already accomplished as who you are. All is accomplished in unity. In separation you merely strive for all that is yours in relationship. Relationship is unity, and relationship is your natural state. It is who you are. C:27.11

  69. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 7/13/2017
    Chapter 27: Being As part of The Time of Tenderness
    As this Course bears witness to the truth, thus must your lives bear witness. C:28.1

  70. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 7/14/2017
    Chapter 28 Bearing Witness
    Part of The Time of Tenderness

    C:28.10 Now is the time to step beyond the validation that your teachers can give you. When this step is not taken, gatherings of witnesses abound, and what they bear witness to stops
    short of what they would see.

  71. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 7/16/2017
    Chapter 28 Bearing Witness Part of the Time of Tenderness

    Where you are is where you supposed to be. The path to follow to all changes will be shown to you if you will but be attentive. If you follow the way it shown to you, all uncertainty will end. Uncertainty is where difficulty lies. Certainty and ease are as surely go together. There are no more decisions for you to make. There is only a call for a dedicated and devoted will, a will dedicated to the present moment, to those who are sent to you and to how you are guided to respond to them. One will be the teacher, another a student. The difference will be clear if you will listen with your heart. C:28.13

    Wow, sometimes it just takes a moment of making decisions a little clearer when you know ” There are NO difficulties in Miracles” as ACIM speaks. No coincidences only being. Sorry for the long quote but this what my heart is singing sweetly. All I can say is that I grateful for the NEW and New beginning. It just amazes what the New Begins to formulate and when there are no more decisions to make everything comes together for the common good and the heart is free to be and by only listening to one’s heart will answer of the love to flow. Always listen to your heart because it will NEVER lie to one’s being. Pause for a moment and breathe in the love that you were meant to be and have. Once we realize this the Accomplishment can be fulfilled through the Elevated Self of Form. When one truly knows what one can accomplish it almost reverberates the heart to a New Creation. Now the work begins.

  72. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 7/19/2017
    Chapter 29 Attention
    A part of the Time of Tenderness

    You who have so worried over what to do have both welcomed and feared the idea of some kind of service being required of you. There is no mystery to this, as the idea of service in your society is one of enforced duty, as exemplified by your military service. You have no notion, as did people of the past, of being of service to God. This is a symptom of the reign of the ego and its ability to both aggrandize your notion of yourself, and to minimize it. To be of service to God is not to be a slave to God but to attend to God. To give God your attention and your care. You who would cry, God make use of me, only need to give to God your devotion and your willingness to serve instead of use. C:29.3

    This quote is s beautiful yet expounds on Service and one devotion to God. Take the words and slowly resonate with you your being perfect beautiful and knowing.

  73. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 7/20/2017
    Chapter29 Attention
    Part of the Time of Tenderness

    Further, you need to let the universe be of service to you rather than trying to use the universe to accomplish your goals. These adjustments in your attitude toward service will bring about the completion of the cycle of giving and receiving, and the beginning of wholeness. C:29.4

  74. A Course of Love Quote of the Day for 7/21/2017
    Chapter 29 Attention
    A part of the Time of Tenderness

    C:29.5 This is as true for your own goal of wholeheartedness as it is for any wider goal of unity, for they are the same goal.

  75. A Course of Love Quote of the day for 7/26/2017
    Chapter 30 Being Present
    A part of The Time of Tenderness

    How can one be distracted from oneself? And yet you are. Many go through life
    searching for self-definition, self-actualization. Where are they as they search? Where is their being?

  76. A Course of Love Quote of the Day for 7/27/2017
    Chapter 30 Being Present
    Part of the Time of Tenderness
    Your learning must take on a new focus. Be like the little children, and inhale the
    world around you in order to make it part of your Self. Be like the little children, and learn in
    order to claim your learning for your Self. Learn who you are through each experience
    rather than learning in order to find out who you are or what your contribution will eventually be.

  77. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 7/29/2017
    Chapter 30: Being Present
    Part of the Time of Tenderness

    The person who knows, truly knows, the simplest truth of the identity of the Self no longer lives in a dualistic position with God, but in a monistic state with Him. The difference is in realizing relationship with the infinite instead of the finite, with life as opposed to matter. C:30.7

  78. A Course of Love Quote of the day 7/30/2017
    Chapter 30 Being Present
    Part of the Time of Tenderness

    Love has no beginning and no end. Love is a demonstration and a description of
    universal consciousness, of being in relationship.

  79. A Course of Love Quote of the Day for 7/31/2017
    Chapter 30: Being Present
    Part of the Time Of Tenderness

    The source of love and its location is your own heart. …We, all of us together, are the heartbeat of the world. Without unity we would not be. C:30.13

  80. A Course of Love Quote for the Day 08/01/2017
    Chapter 31 The Nature of the Mind

    Distinctions are made in many religions and philosophies that separate thought—as dictated by the body—from thought of a higher order, or spiritual thought. Thoughts related to your personal self and the “laws” of the body, such as those of survival, are not the thoughts of the true Self.

  81. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 8/2/2017
    Chapter 31 The Nature of the Mind

    Rather than discriminating between higher and lower thoughts, you have
    aggrandized all your thoughts and given them an identity we have called the ego. Without dislodging your belief in your ego as your self you will never realize your true identity.

  82. A Course of Love Quote of the Day for 8/3/2017
    Chapter 31: The Nature of the Mind

    How silly is it to be afraid of the truth? Fear of the truth is like a fear of the impossible being possible. Like the fear of death, it is the product of upside-down thinking. C:31.3

  83. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 8/11/2017
    Chapter 31: The Nature of Mind

    My dear brothers and sisters, what you truly are cannot be improved upon. But because you are in a state of unremembering, you must relearn who you are. You can only relearn who you are by being who you are. You can only be who you are by sharing who you are. C:31.17

  84. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 8/12/2017
    Chapter 31: The Nature of Mind
    Sharing is thus not about who you think you are, but about who you truly are, and yet it is the way to learn the difference while learning is still necessary. C:31.22

  85. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 8/15/02017
    Chapter 31 The Nature of Mind
    What you gain in truth is never lost or forgotten again, because it returns remembrance to your mind. What your mind remembers cannot NOT be shared. C:31.24
    Please note that the NOT is supposed to be italicized.

  86. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 8/16/2017
    Chapter 31 The Nature of Mind
    Being of one mind is being of one truth, and how can you be of anything less? Only the ego sprang from a lie, the lie of separation that created the illusion of separate minds and varying degrees of truth. C:31.27

  87. A Course of Love Quote of the Day 8/17/2017
    Chapter 31 The Nature of Mind
    It is in this perfect sense of the perfect sanity of truth that salvation lies. Salvation is simply your return to your Self.C:31.32

  88. A Course of Love Quote of the day 8/18/2017
    Chapter 31The Nature of Mind
    Your experience here is but an extension of mind into a realm in which experience can occur. Your ego has made of this something different than it is. Rather than extension of mind, your experience has become a projection of ego. This can change.C:31.35

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