Christ Self

If you arrive at home, it will mean that you will have had to give up being a seeker. You will have had to become one who has found. (“The Way of the Heart,” WOM, Lesson 4, Page 53)

Christ is a term for the real center of the Self, and the Christ Self is the individual whom we become when we have given up extraneous wishes and rest in God. In the vicinity of this quotation, Jesus says “Christ incarnate” about us. This term, applied to us, may arrest us quite a bit, for we are used to that term being applied to Jesus, and who among us would compare ourselves to him? But Christ is an umbrella term for all of us who have given up the ego, are walking into salvation, even ultimate salvation—Christ-consciousness. There is no better way to walk, and we would be wise not to be afraid of what will be our greatest blessing.

Marianne Williamson, teacher of A Course in Miracles, echoes what Jesus is saying here, in a well-recognized passage from her book that popularized A Course in Miracles; the book was A Return to Love, published decades ago now. She, and Jesus, here, caution against “smallness,” and all of us have a little desire to play small, because we think that we won’t get into any trouble with God if we are little spots on the horizon. But it isn’t desired that we “play small.” We need to grow all up to the best that we can be.

A Course of Love indicates that we aren’t to just go along placidly, attempting to do good in this world. We are to create a new world! And this won’t ever happen if too many of us remain small.

Let our fears drop away. We are Christ Selves, and this more exalted persona need not make us afraid. We can draw on the One Christ in our daily lives, and this nod to a larger reality will save not only us, but the world.

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

3 thoughts on “Christ Self”

  1. In some of my journaling, I found what you mean, Celia, but something important I missed or, at least, I wasn’t ready for. “Playing it Small,” because being “Whole” is sometimes, I feel, too much to bear. Of my nursing, some have said, “Oh…you are such a good nurse. You should become an RN.” I tell them, “Oh…can you imagine ME being an RN? I’d burn myself out and would have died a long time ago [from the stress I’d put MYSELF through].” I mean it when I say this. I say it with a twinkle and a laugh, but I MEAN IT! But the reason they say this is because, within my chosen degree (level) of nursing [LVN] I’d taken on, it was perfect. In this lower degree, I allow myself to be as big as my license allows. Ironically, in doing this I draw a lot of resentment, too, because some view my license as “Lower” than an RN. It is lower, but it is equivalent in “doing” of what anyone else does. It’s the “Labels” that get into others’ way of seeing anyone fully, and so in this, we often try to stay smaller within or behind the labels we create; to stay safe from the ire of others. The hating isn’t so nice! I’ve done the same thing to others, too, but I am diligently trying to burn out that propensity. Self preserving ego isn’t such a great thing if other’s throw hate in its direction. In response, it will either expand in attack [to defend] or it will retract [conceal] all our BIGGEST gifts we can share where we choose to be.

    This thing you mention…about playing it small. THANK YOU!!! Very helpful, and I’m grateful to read it today.

    Love in spirit!

    1. Your duties in nursing are important and well-received. I didn’t mean that we had to have certain credentials to avoid playing it small.

      Thank you and love, Celia

      1. Thanks Celia!! It was a “Label” that took a long time to move beyond…it’s much freer to love big outside of any label FOR SURE!

        In spirit, much much love is returned. I’m glad you’re here…still :o)

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