We Can Choose What We Wish to Create

“The only guarantee I can offer you is the guarantee that you are who I say you are and that I speak the truth concerning your identity and inheritance. What you choose to do with this knowledge is still up to you. What you choose to create with this knowledge is still up to you. (The Treatises of A Course of Love: ‘A Treatise on the New,’ 6.2)”

1 – The Future

The fact of our responsibility in the matter of choosing our future can be daunting, but should not be, because we do not have to choose alone. We have helpers, including Jesus, and, if we have listened internally, we have our inner direction.

2 – Freeing Concept

This concept is a very freeing one, even though it may frighten us as we think of the implications. Reality is not scary as long as the ego has been relinquished. Pray that this is so for us today.

3 – Heaven on Earth

We will choose to create a heaven on earth. I am confident of this, because we have seen evidences of those who reach for Jesus’s word and abide in it. Today let us pray for what our parts should be in creating this heaven on earth.

4 – Jesus

Jesus says in this quotation that he has led us surely to understand both our identity and our inheritance. Our identity is the Son/Daughter of God. Our inheritance is the living out of Christ-consciousness as the elevated Self of form. We can choose what we will create in this elevated Self, but if we are to remain in God’s Will as elevated beings, we will choose aright, knowing that we have left the ego behind forever. This, according to Jesus, is a new choice, a choice to be physical, yet to be in God’s Will. Our detour into fear via the false self of the ego is finished, gone for good. Now we have a new destiny to walk into, and even Jesus does not know how this will look, for he says that he will not predict the future; the future is yet to be written—by us.

5 – Ultimate Reality

This new way of looking at ultimate reality is a blessing indeed. In A Course of Love, Jesus indicates that the physical form is not to be denigrated, that it has value as a holy manifestation of a part of God—us, as the elevated physical Selves. It is a glorious and exciting future that awaits us as we work out our destiny in a newly restored world. Let us walk surely to God today, as we seek this new destiny, freed from the restrictions of an imprisoned will that the ego had forced upon us. Our wills are now free, for we know that we share with each other. There is never any need to return to an idea that we would want to be separate. We were not made for separation. And now we know this.

6 – Part of the Whole

We are freed to be part of the Whole, part of God, but also part of each other and every living thing. Let us walk serenely down the pathway that these ideas from A Course of Love take us.


Dear Father/Mother,

May I know my part in helping to create Heaven on earth. May I understand the knowledge that is imparted to me by You. May I neither overestimate or underestimate what my part can be in making a better world for myself, and my brothers and sisters in this world.

My inheritance is sure. I have long realized this truth. Help it to become ever more real to me today.

I have long been interested in the concept of inheritance, feeling certain years ago that that word meant something more than inheriting from my family. Thank You for what I feel was a psychic flash that would eventually be explained. Thank You for the explanation. And may my brothers and sisters comes to know that we share and share alike in this inheritance from You.

Be with me for the rest of this day, and may tomorrow be dedicated to following Your Way as best I can see it. Thank You for showing me how to slow down and be with Your Presence in everyday life. May I rest in Your goodness always, never turning back to an egoic interpretation of my life.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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