A New World Will Arise

“This foreign world where you have been so lonely and afraid will linger for a while where it can terrify you no longer, until finally it will fade away into the nothingness from which it came as a new world rises up to take its place.” (ACOL, C:4.27)

This “new world” is not different from the familiar earth, but our perceptions are transformed, and so everything and everyone looks different. Our perceptions will have been cleansed when we reach Christ-consciousness, Awakening, enlightenment. We will have transformed the mind all the way down through the subconscious, and this purification means that everything and everyone will seem different. But it is we who have changed. Would this purification not be something that we ask the Holy Spirit or the inner Christ Self to effect?

With the ego ruling our minds, we have, for as long as we can remember and eons earlier, been lonely and afraid. We have thought that we are encased in a body, a solitary creature all alone in the world. For regardless of how many special relationships we surrounded ourselves with, we still knew in our depths that these might end for us. Either a premature ending, or by death, and we never knew the day nor the hour.

When we move into finding glimpses of Awakening, we will lose our fear of being solitary, with no one to help us. We will feel safety in the depths, and with this safety comes the peace that passeth understanding. We will no longer be terrified by this foreign world. We will know for sure that it is illusion, and illusion cannot harm us.

So pay attention to the thoughts that well up within us today. A purification of our thoughts needs to happen for Awakening to occur. If we cooperate with this procedure, listening always for guidance, we will accelerate the process of coming to know true living—a true living that is directed by the Christ Self, not the ego. We have to be willing to turn on a dime, when our guidance so dictates. We have to be willing to listen, all the time, to that guidance.

The way is not distant for many of us. Seekers will find, and then, as A Course of Love says, we will seek no longer. We will have found.

Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

4 thoughts on “A New World Will Arise”

  1. As I recall, ACIM says something to the effect that we are “living in a dream from which we cannot awaken.” What a dilemma this is, for awakening by will seems to be impossible. Awareness and willingness may be the only way out of the dream – awareness that this world is really an illusion, and a willingness to change our thinking so that we make ourselves ready for the dawn. Having done this we must simply wait – wait for the morning sun that will surely come.

    1. A Course of Love (and the Way of Mastery) seem to indicate that Awakening requires a decision on our part. But we can do something to remove the blocks to Love’s awareness. But God takes the final step for us. So we cannot just “will” Awakening (and you say this).


  2. Thankyou Celia. The ‘miracle’ is that we are found ‘now’ and slowly uncovering this truth to our very Self. We are Home now, dreaming a dream of separation, from or within, the Kingdom, on its lawn. At no time are we in the world. That is the illusion. There is a form of Us that appears in the world and this will represent the elevated Self of form as we return to Christ or Unity consciousness. I sensitively question this whole idea of ‘work’ or that ‘we’ could purify our own thoughts. Thoughts arising from unconsciousness are to be abandoned. Resting in awareness where we see thoughts arising is a stepping stone until we rest in silent communion with God co-creating, hearing real thoughts, as knowings. Derek xx

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