Ever Joyful with the Love Found Within

“What would be a greater step in all of creation than a physical self able to choose to express the Self within the laws of love? A physical self, able to express itself from within the House of Truth in ways consistent with peace and love is the next step in creation, the rebirth of the Son of God known as the resurrection.” (ACOL, T3:12.10)

This physical self, described in this quotation, is the elevated Self of form that Jesus will present to us in the last book of A Course of Love, the Dialogues. This is a new direction for creation, an explored road, a new path. Jesus tells us elsewhere that there is no reason that we couldn’t choose to remain physical in this world of ours, though he also tells us that it is not immortality of which he is speaking. To my way of thinking, he is hinting at reincarnation, though in ACOL he never says this, and specifically in A Course in Miracles, we were warned not to take a stand on reincarnation, lest this hurt our usefulness to Jesus’s message. (The ego, we are told in ACIM, will be enough for us to contend with.)

We are, Jesus tells us in ACOL, living in the time of Christ. And this is the resurrection. Much that has been anticipated for generations is coming forth at this time. We know this, not to be fearful of what will transpire, but to be joyful with the Love that we will find pouring forth from newly joined hearts and minds in wholeheartedness.

Jesus assures us that he will never be predictive, because he is the “I AM” of Christ-consciousness. In the Dialogues, he resigns as our teacher, because our inner Self is meant to be our means of coming to know, now. He remains our companion, though, in that all of us share the same Self, for we are all One.

The personal self will step back and let the Christ-Self come forth. This Christ-Self will be our new identity, an identity that A Course of Love was written to solidify among all of us. As we form a new identity, our old egoic personality has just disappeared. Only certain patterns of egoic consciousness now persist, and this, we can believe, is as much a habit as anything else. But the old ego itself has gone, and we need only be conscious of the need not to make a new ego in its place. Our new identity will prevent that from occurring. A new identity which we all share. The Christ-Self, emerging from deep within, our part of God present and active in the world as we know it today.


I appreciate the warm and positive tone to the words that Jesus uses in A Course of Love. He is ever-optimistic, sure that we will do what he so much longs for, for us—new identities in a new world that our elevated Self of form will create. And I don’t have to plan for this! Revelation will show the way. Thank You!

May I remain calm and serene throughout the day, but a day with good energy and good affect. The way to downtrodden ideas can be like a well-worn groove, and I would not go there. Be with me to help me stay positive in every instance.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

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