Tolerance = Gift for Friendship

“This acceptance is the only thing that will truly prevent judgment, for it does not require you to be your brother’s keeper but only your own. It requires you to know yourself without judging yourself.

“Will knowing your dislikes cause you to be intolerant? This is an important question. You have been intolerant of yourself and it was easy to extend this intolerance to others. Once acceptance of the Self begins to be practiced, you will realize that the self of intolerance was the self of fear. Acceptance of yourself, in love, leads to acceptance of others. Knowing this aspect of how you feel, what we are here calling your dislikes, is but a first step in this beginning stage of acceptance and only of importance because of your intolerance of your own feelings.” (ACOL, D:Day8.11 – Day8.12)

We have often been intolerant of ourselves, and this, as Jesus says, led to intolerance of others. We didn’t like the self that we were. We wanted to be somebody different. And in this refusal to accept ourselves, we made all of our trouble.

Of course, it is easy to realize that we didn’t like the egoic self, didn’t want that to be who we were. And we weren’t that at all! It was a mistake, pure and simple. Now we can accept the inner Christ-Self, coming out now, to be who we really are. This Self is easy to accept.

When we are tolerant of our very self, we will be tolerant of others. And this will give us a gift for friendship that we have lacked before. I have a friend whom I recognized as having a gift for friendship, and I told her so. One day she was in a particularly judgmental mood, not liking an interaction with somebody else, and she told me that she had least tried to be tolerant of others. At that moment, she thought that she was falling down on tolerance. Here we see a link with our quotation for today. If we accept others, foibles and all, we will have tolerance for them. And we will have a gift for friendship.

If we are to be together for an eternity, we need to treat each other well. We need to be good to each other. This attitude is especially important for interacting with our significant others, but it holds for all of our brothers and sisters. Acceptance of them doesn’t mean condoning poor behavior. But we don’t have to judge that poor behavior. We can know that others act as best they can, given their degree of understanding. And we can help, but only when they reach out to us. Then we can share what we think, always in an expression of love—not for the bad deed, but for the Son or Daughter of God Who is within all of our brothers and sisters.

Be good today to those we love. In the love, their understanding will seem to magically increase.

Dear God,

Thank You for, once again, starting my day off right. I do receive guidance as to what to do and say to make of this a good day. I thank You immensely for this ever-present guidance. May my sensitivity to intuition only increase.

Be with me to assist me to accept others with a full heart today. I need to develop more tolerance, and with more tolerance will come an ever-expanding circle of friendship. Thank You.


Author: Celia Hales

I intend "Miracles Each Day" to offer inspiration and insight into A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery, Choose Only Love, Mirari, and similar readings.

4 thoughts on “Tolerance = Gift for Friendship”

  1. I really needed to read this today, of all days. Thank you so very much for your commitment to share your journey.

  2. I really struggle with intolerance with certain people and not others. Why is that? Some people seem put in my path for the sole reason of driving me crazy. These are not the words of an enlightened master, I know. Any thoughts on how to overcome this, or why it seems to involve certain people intensely?

    1. I could say that the people who seem to drive us crazy are our greatest teachers, the ones we need to forgive the most. We forgive not primarily for the other person, but for ourselves. Forgiveness is how we come to peace again. And then we are set back on the road to becoming a master (along with everybody else).

      Love, Celia

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